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Oxley Classic English Dry Gin

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Oxley Classic English Dry Gin

Oxley Classic English Dry Gin

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The Bottom Line

For Oxley Classic English Dry Gin a cold distillation process and the use of hand selected botanicals sets it apart from many other gins on the market. These handcrafted production choices also limit this unique gin to very small batches of just 240 bottles a day and because of this it is only available in select areas of the United Sates. What Oxley is doing is mixing old-world traditions with new-world technology and it seems to have worked quite well. It is noticeably an English dry gin but is brighter than many of the London dry gins that we are familiar with.


  • Brightly flavored English dry gin.
  • Good for those who enjoy a gin with softer juniper notes.
  • As versatile for cocktails as any London dry gin.


  • Limited availability because it is a small batch gin.
  • A premium gin with a premium price tag.


  • Dry Gin produced using a unique cold distillation and 14 natural, fresh botanicals including juniper, citrus and meadowsweet.
  • Produced in England
  • Imported by The Oxley Spirits Company, USA
  • 47% alc/volume (94 proof)
  • Retails for around $50/750ml bottle
  • Released in 2008 - Initially only in New York, Los Angeles, San Fransisco and Las Vegas

Guide Review - Oxley Classic English Dry Gin

Traditionally distilling spirits is done by applying heat, but in the case of Oxley a cold distillation method is employed. The details are quite technical (read more on Oxley's process on Alcademics.com), but in a nutshell the finished product is supposed to take some of the burnt edge off of the botanicals in the finished gin. It does seem to do that as Oxley's flavors are recognizable as traditional to English gins, only in this case there is a brightness, an brilliant airy quality, to them.

That aspect of Oxley is likely also due to the careful selection and preparation of the botanicals themselves. All are fresh, including the citrus (lemon, grapefruit and orange) zests. While many gin distillers use dried peel, the freshly peeled zests are thrown into the mix in this gin, which may be necessary with the cold distillation technique to extract all of the essence. The other exciting botanical in Oxley is meadowsweet, a wetland plant that is a member of the rose family. It makes a sweet, soft appearance throughout the gin and does a wonderful job of adding to that brightness.

Because juniper is the key to a gin it is always important to talk about it, especially when it is handled in a way that changes it from our typical perceptions of its appearance. Harsh juniper with its deep pine can often put people off to the taste of gin and that typically comes from the application of heat. Oxley's cold method softens its strength while leaving it in the forefront. This softer juniper is delightful and may be appealing to those who like the newer gins (i.e. Aviation, Hendrick's) because of that aspect but who still desire a juniper-forward gin.

Drinking Oxley is pretty much open to anything you desire. Because it is similar to London dry gins it is versatile enough for virtually any gin cocktail from the Martini to an Aviation to a New Orleans Fizz. Though at the price of $50 a bottle, those are the style of drinks that I would leave for Oxley - it is a premium gin at a premium price and deserves premium cocktails.

Tasting Notes:
Oxley opens with a signature gin fragrance. Its bouquet is soft and refreshing with subtle juniper, rose and sweet citrus notes. The taste is clean with a nice blend of botanicals accented with juniper and grapefruit. The finish is very dry - less oily than other dry gins - and just a little spicy.

Oxley Cocktails:

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