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Alcohol Health & Safety

The consumption of alcohol is a responsibility not to be taken lightly. Over indulgence can seriously affect your health, judgment and can get you into a lot of trouble. You will have a better time if you always designate a driver when you're out and drink in moderation. If you do over do it read the hangover articles for some tried and true advice.
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Hangover 101
Why do we get hangovers? How can we avoid them? How bad can it get? And what can we do when we have one? Those are the questions we’re going to answer.

How to Cure a Hangover
There are many folk cures that are supposed to help cure a hangover. Many of them will help you cope by replenishing the vitamins and liquid you lost over night, while some like avoiding caffeine are very important to a quicker recovery.

The Six Stages of Hangovers
This is a humorous rating scale describing the severity of hangovers. If you've ever suffered the headache, nausea and everything else that comes with a night of heavy drinking you may relate to this.

Share Your Hangover Cure
There are many ways that people attempt to cure a hangover, some work and some don't and one thing does not work for everyone. From the wacky remedies of folklore to tried and tested modern cures, readers share their hangover remedy tips.

4 Tips for Being a Responsible Party Host
When you are hosting a holiday party it is important that you make some responsible choices to help every one stay safe and have more fun in the end.

College Students and Drinking
Binge and underage drinking is an epidemic on college campuses. As a parent of a college student there are things you can do to help your children make the right decisions.

Cocktails with Eggs
Eggs make an occasional appearance in cocktails and are typically used for the texture they add to a drink. Explore recipes that use raw eggs and learn more about safely using them to avoid raw egg illnesses such as salmonella.

Is my beer vegan?
In this article, Bryce Eddings, About.com Guide to Beer, answers the question and brings up good points when looking for a beer that is vegan friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions About Alcoholism
Here is a list frequently asked questions about alcoholism from The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. A great resource if you think that you or a loved one may have a drinking problem.

Alcohol Reaction Drug List
There are very few medications that can be taken safely while drinking. If you drink alcohol, check this list before taking any new medication.

Alcoholic Beverages on a Low Carb Diet
On a low carb diet and you're not sure how much, if any, alcohol is appropriate? About's Guide to Low Carb Diets, Laura Dolson helps break it down for you.

US Government's 2005 Dietary Guidelines: Alcoholic Beverages
Every five years the Dept. of Health & Human Services and the Dept. of Agriculture release dietary recommendations for Americans. This section is the 2005 guidelines on alcoholic beverages.

Designated Driver - Prevent Drunk Driving
Everything you need to know to prevent drunk driving. Use this site to increase your awareness and always designate a driver. It's safe and smart.

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