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US Government's 2005 Dietary Guidelines: Alcoholic Beverages

Calories in Selected Alcoholic Beverages


"This table is a guide to estimate the caloric intake from various alcoholic beverages. An example serving volume and the calories in that drink are shown for beer, wine, and distilled spirits. Higher alcohol content (higher percent alcohol or higher proof) and mixing alcohol with other beverages, such as calorically sweetened soft drinks, tonic water, fruit juice, or cream, increases the amount of calories in the beverage. Alcoholic beverages supply calories but provide few essential nutrients."

See the table below for the number Calories in Selected Alcoholic Beverages from the 2005 US Government Dietary Guidelines: Alcoholic Beverages.

TABLE 16. Calories in Selected Alcoholic Beverages

Beverage Approx. Calories Per 1 Fluid Oza Example Serving Volume Approx. Total Calories b
Beer (regular) 12 12 oz 144
Beer (light) 9 12 oz 108
White wine 20 5 oz 100
Red wine 21 5 oz 105
80 proof distilled spirits
(gin, rum, vodka, whiskey)
64 1.5 oz 96
aSource: Agricultural Research Service (ARS) Nutrient Database for Standard Reference (SR), Release 17. Calories are calculated to the nearest whole number per 1 fluid oz.
b The total calories and alcohol content vary depending on the brand. Moreover, adding mixers to an alcoholic beverage can contribute calories in addition to the calories from the alcohol itself.

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