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The History and Culture of Cocktails

A look back at the stories behind the creation and traditions of some of the most popular cocktails, distilled spirits and the people who made them as well as the stories and culture as it lives on today.

Definition and History of the Cocktail
The origin of the cocktail (and the name itself) is an interesting and sordid tale and no one really knows the truth. Read about the various tales of the cocktail and how the mixed drink got its start in America.

Top Cocktail Trends of the Decade
Novice or professional, anyone who has been even slightly in tuned to what has been going on in the cocktail world in the last ten years will recognize a significant change. What we saw in the the last few decades of the 1900's has been turned on its head since 2000. Now most people have a renewed appreciation for a well-crafted cocktail made of the best ingredients and a study of the classic coc…

Classic Cocktail and Mixed Drink Recipes
Some of the best cocktails are those that have been around the longest. The Martini, Martinez, and Manhattan are just a few examples of drinks that are true classics and remain favorites to this day.

The United States Prohibition of Alcohol - 1920-1933
The prohibition of alcohol in the 1920’s and 30’s in the United States is one of most famous, or infamous, times in recent American history. The intention was to reduce the consumption of alcohol by eliminating businesses that manufactured, distributed and sold it.

10 Facts About Prohibition and Repeal in the United States
The prohibition of alcohol in the United States began in 1920 and ended in 1933. There are many things that happened during prohibition and now there are many celebrations on the anniversary of what is referred to as Repeal Day on December 5th of each year. These are just a few tidbits and you can read a more in depth story about prohibition in …

Prohibition Repeal Newspaper Archives
Prohibition and its repeal in the United States was a historical time filled with fascinating stories. These newspaper articles are just a few that capture the tumultuous time and the fight between the wet and dry camps throughout 1933.

PBS Prohibition Documentary by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick
In the fall of 2011, PBS released a documentary film series about the United States Prohibition of alcohol. Directed by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick, the three part movie is a fascinating tale of "The Noble Experiment."

About the San Antonio Cocktail Conference
The San Antonio Cocktail Conference is an annual celebration of cocktails and bartending. The 4-day event is filled with mixology seminars, parties, and competitions for professional and amateur bartenders.

The 2012 San Antonio Cocktail Conference Recap
A recap of the first and guide to enjoying the San Antonio Cocktail Conference including seminars, conference highlights, the cocktail competition, and historical attractions of the city.

Origins of Eggnog
The drink that stirs up memories for most people, either you love it or hate it. Either way you feel, you must admit it has become embedded in our holiday traditions.

Irish Whiskey History
Irish whiskey is one of the greatest styles of whiskey in the world, and also one of the most ancient. Unfortunately, the 20th Century saw the decline and fall of the Irish whiskey industry. In recent years Irish whiskey has begun to make a comeback. Today, Irish whiskey is the fourth most popular style of whiskey in the world behind scotch, bourbon and Canadian whiskies.

Bourbon History Timeline
Marked as "America's Native Spirit," bourbon whiskey has a rich and storied past. Many of the important events in the distilled spirit, predominantly produced in Kentucky, are disputed but they are still important to note. This historical timeline attempts to outline the significance bourbon whisky has played the heritage of the United States.

The Historic Maker's Mark Distillery
To finish off the first National Bourbon Heritage Month (September 2007) I traveled to the Maker's Mark Bourbon Whisky distillery to meet the people and see the operation behind one of my favorite bourbons. This image gallery is filled with the picturesque scenes of the distillery along with all the details of creating such a distinguished...

An Interview with Bill Samuels Jr., President of Maker's Mark Bourbon
The producers of Maker's Mark Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey are from the long time, Kentucky whiskey distilling family, the Samuels. I had the opportunity to interview Bill Samuels Jr., current President of Maker's Mark, about his family's history, their bourbon and the significance of the designation of September to be National Bourbon Heritage Month.

An Interview with Chris Morris, Woodford Reserve Bourbon Distiller
Distilled in Woodford County, Kentucky, Woodford Reserve Bourbon Whiskey is a fine, well-balanced bourbon with an ideal flavor profile for mixing into cocktails. On the occasion of the first National Bourbon Heritage Month in September, 2007, I had the opportunity to speak with Chris Morris, Master Distiller, about the bourbon he produces and...

An Interview with Fred Noe, Distiller for Jim Beam
Producers of Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey, the Beam family has one of the longest bourbon producing legacies in Kentucky. Fred Noe, the 7th generation Beam distiller, speaks about the significance of National Bourbon Heritage Month, the family of bourbons he produces and growing up in one of the famous distilling families.

Original Irish Coffee Recipe and History
Read the history of the Irish Coffee and get the original recipe for the iconic hot drink.

A Short History of Medford Rum
Medford rum was one of the most popular rums of America from the colonial period to the end of the 1800's. Read a short history of this style of Old New England Rum and enjoy a classic Medford Rum Punch.

Hollywood Cocktails
Cocktails often made an appearance in the early cinema and many of the early Hollywood legends have drinks named for them. Relive these moments with some great cocktails and unforgettable lines in classic films.

10 James Bond Cocktails
Although the Vodka Martini, "shaken not stirred," is the cocktail James Bond is most known for, it is not the only one by far. There are actually many mixed drinks which the famous spy drinks throughout his adventures in both the movies and Ian Fleming's novels and all of them are classic cocktails (aside from the Ves

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