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Master Distiller David Pickerell


David Pickerell, Master Distiller of Maker's Mark Bourbon Whisky

David Pickerell has been the master distiller for Maker's Mark Bourbon Whiskey for over a decade and is charged with ensuring the quality and consistency of the bourbon.

Photo Credit: © Shannon Graham
About David Pickerell:
  • Master Distiller for Maker's Mark for 13 years
  • BS in Chemistry from West Point
  • Master's degree in Chemistry from the University of Louisville
  • Engineer Consultant for beverage alcohol facilities
  • Designed equipment and systems for many bourbon and Tennessee whiskey distilleries

Update 2010: Mr. Pickerell is no longer with Maker's Mark but is still working in the distilling industry on brands such as WhistlePig. The current Master Distiller is Kevin Smith.

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