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Fathers Day Gift Guide to Blended Scotch Whisky


Fathers Day offers an opportunity to show your appreciation to the men that have played important roles in your life. While ties and golf balls are the most common gifts for Fathers Day, whisky also makes a great gift for those special men in your life. Here are some of the best blended Scotch whiskies to consider for Dad.

1. Johnnie Walker

Johnnie Walker Black Label Scotch Whisky - Centenary Edition Bottle
Photo Courtesy of: © Johnnie Walker Scotch Whisky

Johnnie Walker, the Striding Man, never fails to please. If Dad drinks his scotch with soda, choose Johnnie Walker Red Label. If neat or on the rocks, Johnnie Walker Black Label is a fantastic choice. For something a little bit more unique, Johnnie Walker Blue Label is the preferred luxury blended Scotch of many enthusiasts, while Green Label offers a slightly different style being a vatted malt instead of a blended Scotch. Johnnie Walker Gold Label offers exceptionally high quality for its price point. No matter which marque you choose for Dad, if its Johnnie Walker he's sure to have a great Fathers Day.

2. Isle of Skye

Does your Father enjoy big, complex  whiskies? If so, Isle of Skye would be a perfect choice for him. One of the best blended whiskies on the market, Isle of Skye is both reasonably priced and incredibly well made. A surefire winner this Fathers Day.

3. Dewars

The first whisky to land in America after the repeal of Prohibition, Dewars White Label is a soft, easy drinking blended scotch that mixes well or does fine by itself. For a real treat for Dad, pick up Dewars 12 and surprise him.

4. Chivas

Chivas Regal 25 Year Old Scotch Whisky
Photo Courtesy of: © Chivas Regal

While the entry marque of Chivas is its 12 year old offering, which is quite nice, a step up to the 18 year old offering will reward Dad with some of the finest blended Scotch he'll ever have. Or go whole hog this year and reward him with a bottle of Royal Salute, something he will treasure for years to come.

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