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Scotch is one of the most revered and sought after of whiskies and it has a few unique characteristics. These articles will help you explore the wonderful world of Irish whiskey for yourself.
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Irish Whiskey Basics
Irish whiskey is one of the world's great styles of whiskey. Here is a quick guide to understanding the basics about Irish whiskey.

What is Irish Whiskey?
People frequently ask bartenders, "What is Irish whiskey?", and while the answer isn't simple, a broad look at the Irish whiskey category is essential to understanding the category. Irish whiskey was the most popular whiskey category in America prior to Prohibition and with a surge of interest in Irish whiskey again, it may soon return to its dominant place as America's favorite style of whiskey.

Whiskey Wisdom - Irish Whiskey
By tradition and standard, Scotch Whisky uses the spelling for whisky without the "e". The distinct smoky flavor of this distilled classic is due to the malt drying process. Part of which is done over a peat-fueled fire, which allows the smoke to come in direct contact with the malt.

Irish Whiskey History
Irish whiskey is one of the greatest styles of whiskey in the world, and also one of the most ancient. Unfortunately, the 20th Century saw the decline and fall of the Irish whiskey industry. In recent years Irish whiskey has begun to make a comeback. Today, Irish whiskey is the fourth most popular style of whiskey in the world behind scotch, bourbon and Canadian whiskies.

Jameson Irish Whiskies
While there are a variety of styles of Irish whiskey, Jameson put out a range of blended whiskies. Here are Jameson's current offerings.

Irish Cream Liqueur
Irish cream is a popular liqueur made of Irish whiskey, sugar, and cream, along with a few flavorings. Read more about this liqueur, find cocktail and shooter recipes, and learn how to make your own Irish cream at home.

5 Best Irish Whiskies for St. Patrick's Day
Whether you are Irish or you just like to consider yourself an honorary Irishperson on St. Patrick's Day, nothing pairs as well with green beer, corned beef and cabbage and parades as the smooth, sweet taste of Irish whiskies. Here are five of the best to celebrate the holiday with this year.

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