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Michael Collins Blended Irish Whiskey


Michael Collins is a third party brand Irish whiskey distilled at the Cooley Distillery. Michael Collins makes both a blended whiskey as well as a single malt offering. The Michael Collins blended whiskey is a mixture of grain whiskey and double distilled malt whiskies with an age range of from four to twelve years. The result is a light, fruity Irish whiskey that is perfect for cocktails and makes a great introduction into the world of Irish whiskey for the novice.

On the nose ripe apricots, peaches and vanilla notes give way to hints of malt sugar. This is a smooth, elegant, yet simple whiskey on the palate. This whiskey does not try to put on any airs, it simply does what it can and does it well. I almost imagine it to be like my favorite cardigan sweater, perhaps not the latest style, but comfortable, warming and utilitarian. On the palate, I get a bit of gentle oak, vanilla and come nice orange peel notes, before a quick, short finish typical of most Irish blended whiskies that offers just a hint of chocolate before disappearing. This is a versatile whiskey to have in your liquor cabinet and worth seeking out. Recommended.

Cocktails (and food) with Michael Collins:

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