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Ginger Sour Cocktail - SKYY Ginger Vodka

Ginger Sour from SKYY Vodka

Definition: Ginger liqueur can be made with a variety of ginger and often use brandy for the base, though rum and neutral spirits are also used. Herbs and other flavorings can also be added to ginger liqueurs to give the brand a unique signature flavor. The taste of these liqueurs vary greatly, though most can be noted for having that snappy, semi-sweet ginger spice that the root is known for, which is fantastic when mixing cocktails.

Drinks with Ginger Liqueur:

Also Known As: Ginger Brandy


There are also a few vodka brands that are creating ginger-flavored vodka. SKYY Vodka Ginger is one of those and it is a ginger lover's dream.

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