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Amaro Averna Liqueur


Amaro Averna Liqueur

Amaro Averna Liqueur

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Amaro Averna Liqueur:

A popular Italian bitter liqueur (or Amaro) still produced from the original 1868 recipe of natural ingredients. The herbs, roots and citrus rinds are allowed to soak in the base liquor before caramel is added. Averna is sweet, thick and has a gently herbal bitterness.
  • 32% alc/volume (64 proof)
  • Imported by Domaine Select Wines, LLC, NY
  • Distilled and bottled in Italy
  • Retails for around $30/750ml bottle
  • Visit their Website

Enjoy Averna:

Known as a classic digestif, Averna Amaro is often served on the rocks or neat. It also makes an appearance in some great cocktails.
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