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Hpnotiq Liqueur




Photo Credit: © Colleen Graham Hpnotiq Margarita

Hpnotiq Margarita

Rob Lawson / Photolibrary / Getty Images

The Pale Blue Liqueur:

Hpnotiq (pronounce like hypnotic) is a beautiful, pale blue liqueur produced in France. It is made of a proprietary (and secret) blend of tropical fruit juices, vodka and Cognac. Hpnotiq is a unique liqueur whose allure is the ocean blue spirit inside a frosted, Champagne-like bottle that adds a light fruit flavors to cocktails. Since its release in 2001 Hpnotiq has scaled to the top of the luxury liqueur market and is a staple for many bars.

Hpnotiq Facts:

  • French liqueur made of vodka, Cognac and fruit
  • Released in 2001
  • 17% alc/vol (35 proof)
  • Retails for around $27/750ml bottle
  • Produced by Heaven Hill Distilleries
  • Visit their website


Hpnotiq Cocktails:

Hpnotiq has become the blue liqueur of choice for many bartenders, especially if you want to impress with a blue cocktail. It adds a beautiful hue and subtle fruit flavors to many popular cocktails and pairs well with almost any distilled spirit.


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