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Midori Melon Liqueur and Cocktail Recipes


Midori Melon Ball Drop Cocktail

Midori Melon Ball Drop

Photo Courtesy of Midori SKYY Vodka's Vampire's Kiss Halloween Cocktail

Vampire's Kiss

Photo Courtesy of Midori

What is Midori?:

Midori is the brand name for a specific liqueur that is distinct in two aspects: color and flavor. The color is a beautiful light green that is often used in cocktails for that exact characteristic.

The Flavor of Midori:

The flavor of Midori is also unique. It is that of a very sweet melon - although I would not peg it to a specific type of melon, but more of a mix. This distinct flavor profile is often used in cocktails to highlight other fruits. Because of its flavor mixing versatility and the desire for its color in cocktails, I would consider Midori an essential for a well-stocked bar.

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About Midori:

Midori is produced by Suntory, a popular Japanese brewer and distiller. It was launched in 1978 and in 1987 production began in Mexico, where it is still produced. The name "midori" comes from the Japanese word for "green" (緑).


Midori Cocktails:

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