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VeeV Stingaree Treetini Cocktail

VeeV Stingaree Treetini Cocktail

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What is VeeV Açai Spirit?:

VeeV Açai Spirit is a açai berry based distilled spirit with a unique, exotic flavor. It is distilled with all-natural ingredients, including a wheat base spirit in a column still. The açai is a Brazilian fruit that has recently been made famous as one of the "super fruits" alongside pomegranate. It is touted to be one of the healthiest dietary supplements and can be found in a variety of products (note: there is no claim that VeeV is a "healthy" alcohol).

The Taste of VeeV:

VeeV's flavor profile, marked with açai and accented with prickly pear and acerola cherry, can take some getting used to at first. It is slightly bitter and tart with a sweet side. Like many new liquors, this is unlike any other available to date but it has an interesting range when mixed in cocktails as you can see below. One of the best ways to introduce yourself to VeeV is to serve it on the rocks topped with a bit of club soda or ginger ale.

Veev Cocktails:

VeeV also makes a good substitute for açai-flavored vodkas (see reviews below).

About VeeV Acai Spirit:

  • 60 proof (30% alc/vol)
  • $1 for every bottle sold is donated to The Sustainable Acai Project
  • Retails for around $35/750ml bottle
  • Created by Courtney and Carter Reum
  • Carbon neutral company
  • Visit their website: VeeVLife.com
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