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Mixology- The Art of Mixing Cocktails

Explore and learn the fine craft of mixing cocktails using the basic and advanced techniques and tricks of professional bartenders and understand some of the theories of mixology.
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5 Steps to Better Cocktails
Do you ever wonder why your cocktails don't taste like the pro's drinks? Sometimes it is the little things that can make the difference between a great cocktail, a mediocre one and one that gets spit into the sink.

When to Shake and When to Stir Cocktails
As you're looking through cocktail recipes you'll see some are shaken, some stirred, but is there a theory behind which method to choose? Yes, there is a general rule

The Importance of Ice and the Best Way to Use Ice in Its Many Forms

Essential Spirits and Mixers to Stock in Your Bar
A guide to essential distilled spirits, mixers and garnishes that are recommended for a well-stocked bar.

Specific Gravity Chart for Popular Spirits
Quick reference chart of some of the most popular spirits used to layer drinks. Refer to this chart when you're creating layered shots, pousse-cafes or any cocktail that calls for floating liquors and liqueurs on top of one another.

How Many Shots are in the Bottle?
Quick reference charts for how many shots you can expect to get out of a bottle of liquor, the standard bottle sizes and an average how much fresh juice you can expect to get from a piece of fruit.

Will Liquor Freeze?
It is one of the most common questions and debates about alcoholic beverages... Does liquor freeze? Yes it does, but the freezing point is far below that of water. Exactly what that freezing point is depends on the proof of the liquor.

Cocktail Bitters 101
Bitters are a common and essential ingredient in cocktails. Learn more about bitters and explore 10 of the popular brands and their creative flavors.

What is a Japanese Ice Ball?
Often called a Japanese Ice Ball, these sculpted forms of chunks of ice fit perfectly into a glass and keep your whiskey (or other drink) colder for longer and do not dilute the drink with water as fast. There is also a mold so you can easily make these ice balls at home.

Understanding the Different Types of Soda Used in Mixed Drinks
Sodas are important items in a bar and there are a few types of soda waters that are often needed. The difference between each of these essential bar mixers may seem subtle but it is important to understand those differences

Quick Tips for Chilling Glassware
A few quick tips to chill glassware and keep them chilled before adding a drink.

Fruit Flavour Combinations for Cocktails
Certain fruit flavors work better with others and this guide by Humberto Marques is an extensive study of those pairings. These recommendations are excellent if you're making original cocktails and a great place to begin understanding how flavors play off of one another.

Herbs and Spices in Cocktails
How to use herbs and spices in cocktails and to combine their tastes and flavors to perfection. This in depth, pictorial study of using herbs in cocktail is the work of Mixologist Humberto Marques of MixSensations.com.

Cocktails with Eggs
Eggs make an occasional appearance in cocktails and are typically used for the texture they add to a drink. Explore recipes that use raw eggs and learn more about safely using them to avoid raw egg illnesses such as salmonella.

What Are Barrel Aged Cocktails?
Barrel aged cocktails are one of the latest trends in mixology in which pre-mixed drinks are placed in barrels for weeks to change the cocktail's character and flavor in the same way wine and distilled spirits are aged.

Tamarind In Cocktails
Learn about using tamarind in cocktails and mixed drinks and choosing the right tamarind product for drinks.

Is There a Certain Order for Pouring Cocktail Ingredients?
Cocktail recipes are usually very simple. It usually states "Pour the ingredients into a cocktail shaker filled with ice." However, is there a certain order in which each ingredient should be poured?

How do I Measure a Cocktail That Uses "Parts" Instead of Measurements?
What happens when you come across one of the many cocktails that uses the term "parts" instead of direct measurements like ounces?

The Best Cocktail Shakers
Cocktail shakers come in a variety of styles and have various features. Read more about some of the best cocktail shakers and Boston shakers that are available today.

John Lermayer's Interactive Cocktail Lab
One of the seminars at the San Antonio Cocktail Conference was an Interactive Cocktail Lab presented by Miami Beach bartender, John Lermayer. Read about the experience, tips for making common drinks, and why I believe more of these should take place.

Quick Strain Tin
Quick Strain Tins were designed for the professional bartender by using the style of a Boston shaker and integrating a strainer into the rim of the mixing tin. These are convenient, make pouring drinks faster and are available in a few different designs.

Ãœber Bar Tools
Uber Bar Tools produces a full line of tools for the professional bartender. The tools are designed to stand up to the busiest bar and make the mixologist's job easier and more efficient.

Molecular Mixology
Molecular Mixology is the practice of understanding and experimenting with cocktails on the scientific and molecular level to create new, interesting flavors, textures and visuals.

How to Make Green Cocktails
Green colored cocktails are fun and there are many ways to get that beautiful color into your drinks. Find tips and recipes for creating a variety of green cocktails.

Great Flavored Syrups for Beverages
This list includes some of the best brands that produce flavored syrups to use in cocktails, coffee, and other beverages. From brands with 100's of flavors to handcrafted syrup producers, there are some great sweeteners available to us.

How to Turn a Cocktail into a Party Punch
Punches are great to serve at parties and you are not limited to those recipes designed specifically for large batches. This quick tutorial will tell you how to make almost any single cocktail into a crowd pleasing party punch.

Fever-Tree Sodas
Fever-Tree continues to impress with their full line of soda waters designed to be mixed into your favorite cocktails. To date, the product line includes: Premium Indian Tonic Water, Naturally Light Tonic Water, Mediterranean Tonic Water, Bitter Lemon, Club Soda, Ginger Ale, and Ginger Beer.

Review of Fever-Tree Indian Tonic Water
Fever Tree Tonic Water is a premium tonic made with natural ingredients and has a clean, refreshing flavor which is perfect for Gin and Tonics or Vodka Tonics.

The Bitter Truth & Bittermens Bitters
Bittermens and The Bitter Truth are two of those and the entire collection now boasts an impressive, 7 bottle portfolio between the two that pay homage to old-fashioned bitters and bitters with a modern twist.

Perfect Puree of Napa Valley Beverage Artistry Fruit Purees Review
Perfect Puree of Napa Valley's fruit purees are great to make fast, simple cocktails that impress anyone. Available in a variety of flavors, these fruit combinations are ideal for the home bartender.

Gnar 100% Pomegranate Juice
Gnar Juice produces a great tasting 100% pomegranate juice that is perfect for adding to cocktails and has a fresh taste of real Mediterranean pomegranates.

I.O. Organic Sicilian Blood Orange Juice
There are a few bottled blood juices on the market as well and one of those is I.O. Organic Sicilian Blood Orange Juice is a great example.

Join the Great Muddle Class
Muddling is a traditional technique for making some classic cocktails and people are beginning to appreciate it's importance once again. Mojitos and Caipirinhas are just not the same without this simple trick.

Measuring for Mixologists
This is one of the most comprehensive measuring tables I've come across on the web. The simple chart defines bar measure terms in both ounces and mililiters.

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