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How to Make Green Cocktails




Photo Courtesy: © Shannon Graham
Apple Margarita

Apple Margarita

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Green Apple Martini

Green Apple Martini

Photo Courtesy: © Shannon Graham

Question: How to Make Green Cocktails

There are many occasions, including St. Patrick's Day and Earth Day, when green cocktails are sought out because they fit the party theme perfectly. Here are a few tips for finding green cocktails or creating your own.


First of all, a good place to begin is in my collection of St. Patrick's Day cocktails, which is filled with green cocktails.

Use Green Liquor:
There are a few green-colored liquors that make easy cocktails. Some, like Midori or a sour apple schnapps, have a stronger green tint than ones such as green creme de menthe and will determine how green your drinks will be. As long as the other ingredients in the drink do not have a strong color of their own (e.g. blue curacao, Chambord) your drinks should have a beautiful green hue.

Here are some green spirits to check out...

Use Green Herbs, Fruits and Vegetables:
Fresh ingredients are often your best option for creating green drinks though you will often find that these natural colorings will not give you that same deep green that the green spirits do. Ingredients that are commonly used in cocktails include fresh mint, lime, kiwi, cucumber, green apples, peppers, grapes, melon, and even avocado.

Here are a few cocktails...

And here are the full recipe collections for some of these green ingredients...

Use Artificial Coloring:
Food coloring is used to make green beer every St. Patrick's Day, though it is not common in cocktails. However, if you are desperate to transform that neutral colored drink into a stunning green one without altering the taste, a couple of drops of green food coloring will do the trick.


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