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Perfect Puree of Napa Valley's Beverage Artistry Purees

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Corazonsito - Beverage Artistry El Corazon Puree

Corazonsito - Beverage Artistry El Corazon Puree - Drink Created by Manny Hinojosa, Bacardi Portfolio Mixologist

Photo Courtesy: © Perfect Puree of Napa ValleyManny Hinojosa, Bacardi Portfolio Mixologist

The Bottom Line

Purees are becoming more popular to use in cocktails. They are a quick way to add a burst of flavor to any drink with amazing results. Though you can make your own purees from fruits, one company, Perfect Puree of Napa Valley's frozen purees in the Beverage Artistry line are designed specifically for making drinks. These purees include blends of flavors that are hard to duplicate on your own, but with a few of these stored in your freezer you can quickly make many crowd pleasing drinks.


  • Fresh, frozen blended fruit purees that make easy and delicious drinks.
  • The blends are easy to experiment with for some very interesting cocktails.
  • Make easy flavor variations on Margaritas, Martinis, and Daiquiris or mocktails.
  • The 32 oz carton will last a very long time.


  • A better Mojito can be made from scratch rather than with the Mojito puree.


  • Frozen fruit purees made from a blend of fresh fruits.
  • Produced by Perfect Puree of Napa Valley.
  • Store in your freezer for up to 2 years, and 2-3 weeks in the refrigerator when thawed.
  • A 32 ounce carton retails for $25.00

Guide Review - Perfect Puree of Napa Valley's Beverage Artistry Purees

The Perfect Puree website makes it very easy to order any of their purees or you can find them at a handful of retailers. One product line, Culinary Traditions, is designed for food and the other, Beverage Artistry, for drinks, though any of the purees can be used in food or drink.

These are not your average fruit purees, though. They are made from fresh fruits and because they're frozen you can have delicious fruit cocktails all year long, without worry about what's in season or available at the market. Straight fruit flavors like peach, banana, guava, and strawberry are available, but I had the opportunity to put their premium blends to the test.

The Beverage Artistry Premium Blends break down like this...

  • Classic Sweet & Sour - lime, lemon, and orange
  • El Corazon - passion fruit, blood orange, and pomegranate
  • Mojito - spearmint and lime
  • Passion Colada - passion fruit, pineapple, coconut
  • Rum Runner - banana, pineapple, orange, blackberry, and key lime
  • Yuzu Luxe Sour - yuzu, lemongrass, Kaffir lime
  • Red Sangria - apple, pear, strawberry, orange, lime, passionfruit, and elderberry
  • White Sangria - pineapple, peach, tangerine, lemon, and lime

If you were to make drinks with these flavors from scratch you would have many bottles of juice scattered on the bar top. This is why these prepared purees are so convenient, and unlike some other purees I've tried they actually taste great.

My test was at a private party I was bartending for with a mixed group of people and every drink I created was a hit, even ones that I made up on a whim. I started with very simple recipes which you can find on the website. Typically it was a variation of a gin, rum, tequila, whiskey and vodka drink, either the two ingredients alone or with a little triple sec, lime, or lemon added. Through the night there were more variations, but I wanted to get feedback on the purees' flavors to start with.

The two purees that really impressed the crowd and fueled further experimentation were El Corazon and Yuzu Luxe Sour. One drink similar to this Corazonsito, minus the falernum, was the most popular or the evening, while a mix of bourbon, the yuzu puree, triple sec, a splash of orange juice, and Angostura bitters came in a close second. The banana in the Rum Runner and the passion fruit in a Passion Colada were both surprising to the drinkers and received great reviews. The colada puree, in particular is thick like you would expect a Colada to be and could easily be shaken for a drink some commented was better than any frozen version of the drink they'd tried in their tropical travels.

The other aspect of these purees that I enjoy is that they make tasty non-alcoholic drinks. Just by stirring the puree with a ginger ale or soda in a tall glass filled with ice, maybe a splash of cranberry, white grape, or, in the case of the yuzu and rum runner purees, a little pineapple juice and you have a drink kids and non-drinkers can thoroughly enjoy.

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