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Gnar 100% Pomegranate Juice

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Gnar Pomegranate Juice

Gnar Pomegranate Juice

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The Bottom Line

"Nar" is the Turkish word for pomegranate and "Gnar" is a juice company specializing in the Mediterranean fruit, pomegranate - both are pronounced the same. This relatively new juice is delicious and has the benefits of not only being filled with natural antioxidants that are good for the body, but also is a great cocktail mixer. Gnar Pomegranate Juice is far beyond those gallon jugs that the "big brand" juice companies are littering the grocery shelves with, this one has substance and adds that, very naturally, to any mixed drink.
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  • 100% pomegranate juice with no artificial ingredients
  • Fresh Mediterranean pomegranate taste
  • Perfect pomegranate juice for cocktails
  • Packaged in small bottles so it's always fresh


  • Not widely available


  • 100% all-natural Mediterranean pomegranate juice with no artificial sweeteners or additives
  • Produced by Gnar Juice Company of Birmingham, Alabama
  • Available in 8.5 oz bottle four-packs - available for order at Gnar Juice's website
  • Pasteurized juice for safety.
  • OK Kosher Certified

Guide Review - Gnar 100% Pomegranate Juice

There are many things that I enjoy about Gnar. The juice is 100% pomegranate with no artificial additives and only natural sweeteners. This makes it a thicker (but not too thick) juice compared to many of the watered down alternatives and allows the true flavor of pomegranate to come through. The company is small and emerging, which is a bonus because it allows them to produce quality product over quantity. The packaging is small so when you crack open a bottle you don't have to drink it fast without spoiling the freshness.

And, it makes a great cocktail. If you have caught on to the pomegranate flavor craze over the last few years, you can appreciate Gnar's natural flavor in any drink you want to throw it into - including those below which I can personally recommend for this juice. This is because this is a natural tasting, full-flavor pomegranate juice from real Mediterranean pomegranates, where the plants are native and this climate association is always ideal for producing the best of any fruit juices. Beyond mixing, I've also found that Gnar is great on it's own and is a fantastic, go-juice for breakfast.

Enjoy Gnar in these cocktails:

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