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Über Bar Tools

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Uber Bar Tools - Cocktail Jigger, Julep Strainer, Hawthorne Strainer, Bar Spoon

Uber Bar Tools - Cocktail Jigger, Julep Strainer, Hawthorne Strainer, Bar Spoon

Photo Credit: © Shannon Graham

The Bottom Line

Finding high-quality bar tools that can stand up to the everyday wear and tear of the bar is difficult. I've been introduced to some tools that are perfect for today's mixologists and bars. The company is the Australian-based Über Tools and they sell everything from jiggers and bar spoons, strainers and speed pourers, and everything in between - all are ergonomically designed with efficiency and style in mind. To take things a step further, Über Tools has two bartender kits for those of us who need to take our bar tools with us. Über Tools are ideal "bar toys" for any pro bartender and bars that desire efficiency.


  • Durable bar tools ideal for the hard working bartender - available in a portable kit.
  • Sound investment for any bar.
  • Tools are designed specifically for professional bartenders.
  • Nice, clean look adds style to the bar.
  • Avoid overpouring with the ProFlow and training with the Procheck.


  • Minimum quantity purchases from the website - great for bars, not the best for individual bartenders
  • Cost more than most tools.


  • ProFlow: available in chrome, clear or black - $9.95
  • ProJig: the US measures 1 1/4, 3/4, 1/2, and 1/4 ounces (UK and European available) - available in chrome or clear - $10.95
  • ProStirrer: reinforced shaft - weighted muddler base - 30cm long - $21.95
  • StrainRay: durable hawthorne strainer - $29.95
  • Juliep Strainer: $19.95
  • Also available: ProBarBone, ProFlairKit, ProBarSet, ProCheck, Silistick, C-Press

Guide Review - Über Bar Tools

I had the opportunity to play with just a few of the bar tools that Über offers but the impression I received is that everything in the product line would be the best that a bartender could hope for. Also, flipping through the catalog, it is evident that there are benefits for bar owners who want to train their bartenders and control quantities and for traveling mixologists who need to pack up for the next job and carry everything they need.

ProFlow - These speed pourers are designed to avoid typical pourer issues like breaking and leaking. It is durable and has the perfect flow for pouring a shot of even the thickest liqueurs and I don't know of another pourer that includes a 2 year warranty with the cork and pourer having the ability to be replaced/cleaned individually. You can also order dust covers, which are ideal for storing and prolonging a spirit's shelf life.

ProJig - This jigger has to be one of the coolest I've seen yet. It breaks into two pieces for easy cleaning and can have the optional ProBarBone placed in between for a better grip. On one end is a full shot and the other is divided into 3 sections, which gives the bartender ultimate control over measuring cocktails.

ProStirrer - This is a hefty bar spoon that feels good when layering or stirring cocktails. It's longer than most you'll find and easier to handle. I enjoyed the weighted base because it adds balance while stirring a Martini and doubles as a handy muddler for a quick mashing of lime and syrup. It will not take the place of my wooden muddler for juleps, but it does the trick in a pinch and for light muddling.

StrainRay and Juliep - Finding a good strainer can be hard, but these overcome all of the obstacles. Both are sturdy and easy to clean and have a wider coverage area than most with a handle that is comfortable to grip. They make straining easy.

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