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Lemon Balm in Cocktails

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Lemon Balm Herb

Lemon Balm Herb

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  • Tasting Notes:
    When crushed the young leaves have a fresh, lingering, lemon scent and a mild lemon-mint flavor. The aroma is subtle and pleasant, and not as penetrating as that of lemon verbena or lemongrass.
  • Combines well with:
    apples, apricots, melons, peaches, figs and summer berries

  • Cocktail Recipe: Mount Balm Smash
    Glass: old fashioned glass
    • 8 Lemon Balm leaves
    • 25ml apple juice
    • 25ml Fig puree
    • 50ml Mount Gay Rum
    Method: Muddle the leafs with the fig puree in an old fashioned glass, add the rum, stir and add crushed ice.
    Garnish: with lemon balm leafs

Source: Humberto Marques

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