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Rosemary Herb in Cocktails

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Rosemary Herb

Rosemary Herb

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  • Tasting Notes:
    Strongly aromatic, warm and peppery, resinous and slightly bitter, with notes of pine and camphor. Nutmeg and camphor are present in the taste; the aftertaste is woody, balsamic, and astringent. The flavor dissipates after leaves are cut. Flowers have a milder flavor than leaves.
  • Combines well with:
    apricots, oranges, tomatoes
  • Can be used as a syrup or just simple muddling the leaves.

  • Cocktail Recipe: Gasper Love’s Rosemary
    • 25ml Rosemary syrup
    • 25ml Grand Marnier
    • 50ml Campari
    • 30ml Blood orange
    • 30ml Grapefruit juice
    Shake over ice and pour in to a collins glass and garnish with rosemary.

Source: Humberto Marques

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