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Bars & Lounges

Get advice about bar etiquette to make the most of a night out at your favorite bar or lounge. Read about hot spots and hot bartenders.
  1. Martini Bars in Orlando

Get a Drink at a Bar (Video)
Going out can be a lot of fun, but what if everyone is having so much fun that the bar's packed and you can't get a drink? Check out these pointers and your glass will always be full.

How to Order a Drink in a Crowded Bar
A few tips for grabbing a bartender's attention on a busy night.

Las Vegas Clubs and Bars
Looking to enjoy the nightlife in Vegas? Take a look at this great resource from Zeke Quezada, About Guide to Las Vegas for Visitors, for some do's and don'ts before you get to the strip.

Best New York City Cocktail Bars
Looking to sample a classic cocktail or contemporary creation at a New York City cocktail bar? Check out this list for some of the best cocktail bars in New York City.

Why Ordering Sangria In a Bar Is a Bad Idea
What every tourist in Spain needs to know about 'traditional' Sangria.

The World's Best Bars
Check out this list before your next vacation. From Amsterdam to Zurich, you find out what people think of some of the best bars and lounges in the world.

King of Cocktails- Dale DeGroff
Keep up on what Dale DeGroff (King of Cocktails) is up to and catch his next drink seminar. This master of mixology is worth listening to and his book "The Craft of the Cocktail" is a spectacular reference.

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