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How To Order a Drink in a Crowded Bar


Getting the bartender's attention in a crowded bar is a challenge

Getting the bartender's attention in a crowded bar is a challenge

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Ordering drinks in a crowded bar can be a difficult thing. Patience and perseverance are important in this situation but a little creative thinking and strategy never hurt anyone. Here are a few tips to help you get through this task.

Difficulty: N/A

Time Required: As long as it takes, it's worth the effort

Here's How:

  1. Choose the best-looking member from your group to send to the bar. He/she has the best chance of attracting the bartender's attention. It may sound crass, but it is often true.
  2. Pool all money together and assign one or two people to buy the round. Send one other person to accompany them and help carry drinks. Avoid sending clumsy people and lushes, your drinks may not make it back.
  3. The tip is the most important part. If you don't tip or under tip, you can forget about quality service in the future from that bartender. The standard tip is $1 per drink, but use your discretion depending on the number of drinks and the intensity of creating them.
  4. The buyer should flash a large bill, this indicates that you are probably going to order more than one drink. Bartenders depend on tips and the opportunity for a larger tip will catch their attention faster than almost anything else.
  5. One last trick for getting the server to notice you is to step up on the bottom rail that adorn most bars and lean onto the counter. Once the bartender scolds you, take it, apologize and give them your order. You will either be served on the spot or taken next in line. Do not try this too often, making bartenders mad can ruin any good repoir you have built with them.
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