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Popular Drinks Every Bartender Should Know


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Learning the Basic Cocktails and Mixed Drinks
Martinez Cocktail

Martinez Cocktail

Photo Courtesy: © Shannon Graham
Every establishment is different. As a bartender you may work in a pub slinging beer and mixing only a few drinks a night, or in a high-class cocktail lounge where the cocktail shakers never stop. No matter where you begin or end up, there is a basic list of drinks that are good to know right away.

Memorizing a good list of common mixed drinks and cocktails will also help you get your foot in the door when applying for your first bartending position. Granted, you are not going to know every drink in the world, but there are some that you will be expected to be familiar with by both the bar manager and patrons.

Many establishments also have specialties or local favorites that you'll get the hang of in no time and there are always new drinks hitting the local and regional scenes. As a professional bartender you will always be learning new drinks, this list is very general but a good start to what could be a career behind the bar.

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