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Popular Drinks Every Bartender Should Know


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Hot Drinks, Wine Cocktails, and Stick Drinks to Memorize
Popular Rum Mojito Cocktail


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These lists of popular cocktails may be small but they are no less important in the bar.

Stick Drinks:
The following drinks are off in a category of their own; they are stick drinks. Essentially, this means that they require the use of a muddler (stick) to mix a few of the ingredients. These drinks will consume more of your time than most and require some practice. They are very popular, though, and it will do your tip jar well if you learn to make good ones.

Hot Cocktails:
There are certainly not many hot cocktails that are called for in the average bar, but in the dead of winter this can change. No matter if you make zero or two hundred of these hot drinks in your lifetime, they're great to know, even if it is for your own personal enjoyment.

Champagne & Wine Cocktails:
It is likely that you will have more requests for a house merlot or pinot than you will for cocktails that mix up the average glass of wine or Champagne. Just as it is in the case of those few hot cocktails, you can always keep the knowledge of these Champagne and wine-based cocktails in the back of your mind and pull them out to impress customers on special occasions.

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