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Your guide to entertaining. Including tips, advice and ideas for entertaining guests at your next cocktail or holiday party and lists of cocktails and mixed drinks that will fit a particular theme or holiday.
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Hosting a Cocktail Party
Cocktail parties are a classic event that can be as simple or as complex as you desire. Whether you're hosting personal friends in a casual setting or business associates in a more elegant affair, cocktail parties are a fantastic, fun event perfect for showing off your entertaining talents.

4 Tips for Being a Responsible Party Host
When you are hosting a holiday party it is important that you make some responsible choices to help every one stay safe and have more fun in the end.

How to Turn a Cocktail into a Party Punch
Punches are great to serve at parties and you are not limited to those recipes designed specifically for large batches. This quick tutorial will tell you how to make almost any single cocktail into a crowd pleasing party punch.

Host a Spirits Tasting Party
Wine tastings are very common and tasting parties are becoming just as common. Why not host a spirits tasting party using a selection of brandy, gin, rum, tequila, vodka or whiskey? It's a fun event for an intimate setting that lets guests explore the difference between brands of the same liquor.

Holiday and Seasonal Drink Index
Every season and holiday has different flavors that we associate with it and there is a cocktail for almost every occasion. This directory of drinks will help you find the perfect drinks for whatever season it is.

How to Make a Cocktail Gift Basket
Read about creating your own cocktail gift basket and get ideas for themes, menus and other extras you can include.

Drink Markers to Fit Any Party Theme
Drink markers are an easy and fun way to add a little character to any occasion. These small characters hang from the rim of a glass and also help distinguish one person's drink from another's.

Creating a Great Drink Menu
When you're hosting a cocktail party and don't have the ability or desire to stock an entire bar you can create a designated drink menu instead. It's easy, convenient and can be designed to meet the theme or nature of any event.

Top 10 Rum Tiki Cocktails
Tiki cocktails remain favorites among drinkers and have a fun history. This list includes 10 of the most popular tiki cocktails, which are known for including multiple styles rums and tropical fruit juices.

Buying Tips for "Bottled Cocktails"
The liquor store shelves are littered with pre-mixed Margaritas, Daiquiris and a variety of other cocktails that are already mixed up and packaged in a convenient bottle. Here are a few tips for selecting a decent ready to drink cocktail.

The Best Cocktails for Brunch
Light drinks with fruity flavors make great additions to any brunch. Choosing a cocktail that matches the type of food being served is key to the mid-morning meal.

How to Make Vodka Infused Watermelon Video
A tasty treat for any party is vodka infused watermelon. This is easy to make, and is a total crowd pleaser.

Wonderful Wedding Cocktails
Your wedding day is a momentous time of your life and it's only appropriate to celebrate with a few great drinks. Here are a few cocktails you may want to serve at your engagement party, bridal shower, bachelor party or wedding reception.

Hollywood Cocktails
Cocktails often made an appearance in early cinema and many of Hollywood legends have drinks named for them. Relive these moments with some great cocktails and unforgettable lines in classic films.

Twitter ID List - About.com Food & Drink Guides on Twitter
It seems like everyone is on Twitter and the About.com Food Guides are no exception. This list includes the Twitter IDs for experts in a variety of specialty and international cuisines and our tweets are often filled with great food news and even better recipes.

Book Review: What To Drink With What You Eat
What To Drink With What You Eat is a great food and beverage pairing guide that pulls advice from experts and places it in an exhaustive, easy to read book.

Oster Quick Chilling Wine Chiller
The Oster Quick Chilling Wine Chiller does just that. This electric wine chiller cools a bottle of wine to the perfect drinking temperature within minutes.

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