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Fourth of July Cocktail Recipes and Patriotic Party Planning


Celebrate the Fourth of July with a Patriotic Drink Menu

Gregory Olsen / E+ / Getty Imges

Gregory Olsen / E+ / Getty Imges
Red White and Blue Shooter

Red White and Blue Shooter

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American Dream Cocktail Recipe - PAMA Pomegranate Liqueur

American Dream

Photo Courtesy of © PAMA Pomegranate Liqueur

Red, White and Blue Cocktail Menus:

One of my favorite ways to celebrate any occasion is to design a cocktail menu that fits the theme. It just so happens that the Fourth of July is one of the easiest to work with. You can quickly and easily design a cocktail menu using the patriotic colors of the holiday: simply think "Red, White, and Blue."

You will find below just a few suggestions for cocktails of each color in a variety of styles. Whether you want to stick with short and neat Martinis, serve tall sippers or fire up the blender for frozen delights, there are colorful options available.

Short & Stylin':


Tall & Refreshing:


Beautifully Blended:


Patriotic Cocktails:

If following the theme of July 4th doesn't appeal to you, maybe one of these "patriotic" cocktails will.


Cocktails Named for American Places:

Cocktails get their names for many reasons, but one of the most popular is to honor a certain place. This cocktail collection is filled with locations throughout the United States.


More Independence Day Entertaining:


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