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4 Tips for Being a Responsible Party Host


When you host a holiday party there is a lot to think about, including the guestlist, decorations and atmosphere, food, drink, and on and on. If your celebration is going to be a cocktail party or one that will have alcohol available, there are a few things you can do to make it a more responsible event. This is not to take any of the fun out of the party, but just to make sure every who is drinking has a safe and fun time. These are four common sense things you can do to be the responsible host...

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Use Bartender's Intuition

Either hire a bartender to sling the drinks at your party or recruit a sober friend to "keep an eye on the bar." This one person will be in charge of drinks and are usually able to tell which guests may be at their limit for the night before they've had one too many.

Set up a Designated Driver Plan

Do you have the number to the cab company handy? Are there sober guests who may be willing to take people home if needed? A little forethought on this aspect of your party may save you and any inebriated guests a lot of trouble at the end of the night. Gathering car keys when guests arrive is never a bad idea.

Serve Non-alcocholic Drinks Too

You don't need to stick with water, soda, and coffee when it comes to serving non-alcoholic drinks. In fact, it would be great if every party had a mixed drink special that skips the liquor. Some of your guests simply cannot drink alcohol, but would enjoy great mocktail.

Provide Some Appetizing Appetizers

Food is not only a good party favor, but absorbs some alcohol and can be a great compliment to your cocktail menu. It's always good to offer guests appetizers, anyway. To find options, browse through the hundreds of unique appetizers on the About.com Food Network.

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