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New Year's Resolutions for the Discerning Drinker


Every New Year’s Eve people make promises to change something about their lives and by the middle of the month many of these resolutions are forgotten. Maybe the willpower isn’t there or it could be that our goals are too lofty or too numerous. Whatever the reason, it's not likely that this tradition will be lost anytime soon and it’s worth it if there is even one resolution, no matter how small, that goes unbroken and is beneficial. Here are a few resolutions that may pertain to your drinking lifestyle. Some are fun, a few are serious, but all are easy to keep and will make for happy drinking in the New Year.

1. Resolution #1- Quality

I resolve that I will not submit myself to purchasing or consuming spirits that are on the bottom two shelves of the liquor store.

2. Resolution #2- Freshness

I resolve to mix only with freshly squeezed juices and I will also make my own grenadine, simple syrup and sour mix.

3. Resolution #3- Variety

I resolve that every fifth drink I order or mix myself will deviate from the usual.

4. Resolution #4- New Experiences

I resolve that once a month I will either mix up or order a cocktail that I have never had before.

5. Resolution #5- Martinis

I resolve that I will refrain from referring to every drink served in a cocktail glass as a Martini.

6. Resolution #6- Over-sized Drinks

I resolve to never again order a drink that is served in a bowl or other vessel that is larger than my fist because I understand that I will not be able to enjoy the drink in it's entirety as it was meant to be.

7. Resolution #7- Be Polite

I resolve to be polite to all bartenders and cocktail waitresses I come in contact with and be especially understanding when they are obviously overwhelmed. I also resolve to tip appropriately, generously and every time I order a drink.

8. Resolution #8- Be a Courteous Host

I resolve to offer my non-drinking guests an elegant mocktail that makes them feel like adults.

9. Resolution #9- Hangovers

I resolve to limit myself to one hangover-inducing drinking session per month. If this is too lofty a goal for me, I will at least reduce the occurrence of hangovers I suffer from.

10. Resolution #10- Be Responsible

I resolve to drink responsibly and when I do overindulge I will make alternative plans for returning home safely.
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