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New Year's Eve Cocktails

Ringing in the New Year with Style


New Year's Eve is one of the biggest party nights of the year and this annual occasion is ideal for serving exquisite and impressive drinks. While straight Champagne is a traditional way to celebrate, it's also fantastic to mix in any of the Champagne cocktails available. However, if you don't want to drink sparkling drinks all night, here are a few more "yearly" cocktails that fit the night perfectly as you're ringing in the new year and wishing everyone all the joy and prosperity you wish for yourself.

Happy New Year

Strawberry Kissel Explosion - Finlandia Vodka Cup
Photo Courtesy: © Finlandia Vodka Cup

Of course, a drink named Happy New Year is going to have Champagne, but would you also expect brandy, port and orange juice? There's a lot going on in this drink and it is fabulous. What better way to say, well you know?

Happy New Year recipe...

The Clean Slate

The Clean Slate Cocktail by Cody Frederiskcon
Photo Courtesy: © Cody Frederickson

This is a fun cocktail that won the New Year's Cocktail Contest in 2013. It uses amaretto vodka, elderflower and cherry liqueurs with a special apple-cinnamon syrup and it is a topped off with a little Champagne. The gold rim adds that extra sparkle needed for a great New Year's party.

Clean Slate recipe...


Resolution Martini

Resolution Martini
Photo Courtesy: © Shannon Graham

The Resolution Martini is a simple and elegant way to toast the New Year. Really, you cannot get much more simple than gin, apricot brandy and lemon juice for a finished drink with a perfect balance of dry, sweet and sour. Consider it one last indulgence before you take on those resolutions, which you're sure to keep this year.

Resolution Martini recipe...

Elit Midnight Millionaire

Elit Midnight Millionaire Champagne Cocktail Recipe
Photo Courtesy of: © Stoli Vodka

The luxurious Elit Midnight Millionaire is one of the easiest ways to dress up a glass of Champagne. It can not get any easier than a shot of silky Stoli Elit vodka topped with Perrier Jouet Fleur de Champagne and a lone raspberry dropped inside.

Elit Midnight Millionaire recipe...

Twentieth Century Cocktail

Twentieth Century Cocktail
Photo Courtesy: © Shannon Graham

We may be well into the twenty first century but that doesn't mean we can't partake in a Twentieth Century Cocktail. This is one of those classics from the beginning of the 1900's and its mix of gin, Lillet Blanc and creme de cacao is quite intriguing and great for any celebration.

Twentieth Century recipe...

Midori Melon Ball Drop

Melon Ball Drop Martini
Carolyn Taylor Photography / Stockbyte / Getty Images

When the ball drops in Times Square on New Year's Eve, this Melon Ball Drop cocktail is one you may just want to have in hand. In this drink the sweet fruits of citrus vodka and Midori are complimented by, of all things, elderflower liqueur (namely St. Germain) and the result is fantastic.

Melon Ball Drop recipe...

Good Times

Good Times Martini Cocktail
Donna Alberico / Stockbyte / Getty Images

Classic cocktail lovers will appreciate this Old Tom Gin version of the Classic Martini. Whenever I think of a Good Times cocktail the Cars version of Let the Good Times Roll gets stuck in my head, and that's why I chose it for this New Year's Eve cocktail list. After all, the night is all about a "good time" and the "good times" ahead in the new year.

Good Times recipe...

Millennium Cocktail

Peach Punch Cocktail - New Amsterdam Peach Vodka
Photo Courtesy: © New Amsterdam Spirits

When the most recent millennium turn over took place there were many "Millennium Cocktails" created and this gin, cherry brandy and orange juice cocktail is just one of them - most of the others include dark spirits like brandy and whiskey and all are quite tasty. Whichever Millennium you prefer, they're all perfect compliments for any new year party.

Millenium Cocktail recipe...

Midnight Martini

Ginger Snap Martini - Grey Goose Vodka
Photo Credit: © Grey Goose Vodka

I will usually pull the Midnight Martini out for Halloween, but it's just as fitting for New Year's Eve. The coffee profile helps out with the look of midnight and if you choose to go with both the liqueur and a vodka like Van Gogh's Espresso you will be up well past midnight, which isn't such a bad way to bring in the New Year.

Midnight Martini recipe...

Countdown Cocktail

Speranza Cocktail Recipe - Cinzano Bianco Vermouth
Photo Courtesy of: © SKYY Spirits

Dry gin is great but one has to appreciate the sometimes overlooked genever (and old tom in the Good Times above) and I found it to be very nice with blood orange juice in this lowball. I called it the Countdown because it is one of those slow sippers that are great for counting down to the new year.

Countdown Cocktail recipe...

Leap Year

Leap Year Cocktail
Photo Courtesy: © Shannon Graham

Granted, every year is not a leap year, but this is a fantastic classic cocktail that deserves a taste at least once a year and what better time than to celebrate a new one? The Leap Year is simply a delightful, sweet version of the classic Martini and it is one of those ageless classics that hasn't been lost to time.

Leap Year recipe...

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