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Valentine's Day Cocktails

Romantic Drinks for Dinner and Beyond


Planning a romantic dinner this Valentine's Day? Great drinks can compliment your meal and give you a chance to impress with your cocktail skills. Champagne makes an appearance in many of these drinks, as do many of the "love" foods like chocolate and strawberry.

Have fun with the cocktails you create with embellishments that fit the mood. Carve fruit into the heart shapes or garnish with chocolate covered strawberries or heart shaped cinnamon hearts. For dessert, try Forget Me Not Fudge.

More Valentine's Day Cocktails
Whiskey Cocktails for Valentines

Agave Kiss

Agave Kiss Herradura Tequila Cocktail
Photo Courtesy: Herradura Tequila

Love flavors: raspberry, chocolate, cream

A delectable, creamy cocktail comprised of tequila, creme de cacao, Chambord and cream, served up and garnished with a chocolate rim and raspberries.

Agave Kiss recipe...

Amarula & Eve

Amarula & Eve Cocktail - Amarula Cream Liqueur
Photo Courtesy: © Amarula Cream Liqueur

Love flavors: marula, lychee

Tempting? Yes! The Amarula & Eve is a delicious cocktail that mixes Amarula Cream with citrus, lychee, and grapefruit for an unbelievable delight.

Amarula & Eve recipe...

Axis Kiss

Moët Red Carpet Glamour Cocktail
Photo Courtesy: © Moët & Chandon Champagne

Love flavors: almond, blackcurrant, Champagne

Lightly flavor Champagne with a dash or two of amaretto and blackcurrant liqueurs.

Axis Kiss recipe...

Bésame (Kiss Me)

Besame Cocktail
Photo Courtesy: © Zing Vodka

Love flavors: raspberry, Damiana herb (Agavero), passion fruit

Fruity and refreshing, a drink with muddled raspberries and lime topped with passion fruit juice and Agavero and Chambord liqueurs.

Besame recipe...

Berry Sweetheart

Berry Sweetheart
Steve Lupton/Photolibrary/Getty Images

Love flavors: cranberry, honey

Non-alcoholic but full of sweetness, it's a mix of cranberry and apple juices with a little honey for sweetness.

Berry Sweetheart recipe...

Blushing Geisha

Blushing Geisha Cocktail - TY KU Liqueur
Photo Courtesy of: © TY KU Liqueur

Love flavors: TY KU, rose, pomegranate

This light cocktail places the aphrodisiac-filled TY KU liqueur with pomegranate juice and rose nectar.

Blushing Geisha recipe...

Blushing Lady

Ultimat Vodka Spin Cocktail
Photo Courtesy: © Patron Spirits Company

Love flavors: pomegranate, pink grapefruit

A pink drink in a sugar-rimmed glass made of PAMA liqueur, vodka and pink grapefruit juice.

Blushing Lady recipe...

Champagne Cocktail

Champagne Cocktail
Omer Knaz / Photographer's Choice / Getty Images

Love flavors: brandy, Champagne

A romantic classic, this cocktail combines brandy, bitters and Champagne with a dissolving sugar cube for spectacle.

Champagne Cocktail recipe...

Clementine Crush

Clementine Crush Cocktail
Photo Courtesy: © Grand Lux Cafe

Love flavors: passion fruit, orange

Clementines are the feature of this vodka cocktail, though passion fruit and pineapple are also there to sweeten the mood.

Clementine Crush recipe...

Cherub's Cup

Cherub Cup Cocktail - St. Germain Liqueur
Photo Courtesy: © St. Germain Liqueur

Love flavors: elderflower, strawberry, champagne

The Cherub's Cup is an angelic twist on typical sparkling wine cocktails. You will fall in love with the St. Germain and Hendrick's background, while the strawberry is just a little bonus.

Cherub's Cup recipe...

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