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Professional Bartending

Aspiring bartenders and those already working professionally have a little more to worry about than the home bartender. These are a few of the resources that you may need as you pursue that professional mixology career.
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10 Service Tips for Bartenders

Mixology or Mixologist
Mixology is the art or skill of preparing mixed drinks and a mixologist is a person who studies mixology.

Tips for Bartending Video
Bartending can be a chaotic job. Here are some tips for bartending to help you serve a thirsty crowd successfully.

Molecular Mixology
Molecular Mixology is the practice of understanding and experimenting with cocktails on the scientific and molecular level to create new, interesting flavors, textures and visuals.

5 Styles of Gin Every Bar Should Stock
Gin is a fascinating and complex spirit, and the styles of gin vary greatly. A good professional bar should have a range of gin options. Here are the best choices within each gin category.

6 Essential Mexican Spirits for Cinco De Mayo
Cinco De Mayo is a high volume day for most bars and restaurants. To ensure success, its important to both feature and carrry top flight brands from Mexico. Here are the 6 spirits every bar and restaurant needs to stock to ensure a profitable and enjoyable Cinco De Mayo this year.

Popular Drinks Every Bartender Should Know
Every bar and region has specialty cocktails and mixed drinks, but there are a number of recipes that are more universal. These popular drinks are good for any bartender to know.

What is the New Popular Cocktail in Your Area?
Drink trends are difficult to gauge because they are influenced primarily by what you are drinking where you live. The question here is are there any new cocktails that are a local favorite? Bartenders and drinkers respond and discuss here.

Cocktail and Bartending Calendar of Events
Stay up to date on what's happening in the cocktail world throughout the year with this calendar of events including bartending seminars, classes and competitions as well as food and beverage industry conventions and special "cocktail holidays."

How to Cost a Drink in a Professional Bar
Pour cost is often discussed in professional bartending. Essentially, pour cost is the actual cost of the ingredients in pouring a drink or cocktail expressed as a percentage of the sales price.This is used in both setting the sales price for individual drinks and alcohols as well as inventory purposes.

How to Calculate a Professional Bars Pour Cost
Calculating pour cost in a professional bar is an important task that must be done regularly to ensure that your establishment remains profitable and to prevent against theft and overpouring In its simplest form, and the form practiced by most professional bars and restaurants, inventory is taken, and then the cost of goods sold (COGS) is...

What Should Pour Cost Be in a Professional Bar?
Pour cost is always the subject of great discussion and debate in a professional bar. Pour cost is the cost of the ingredients used to make a particular drink and is reflected in the overall bar pour cost as bar sales divided by the cost of goods sold during a given period. Most bar operators set a goal of 18%, 20%, 22% or 24% pour cost,...

How Many Shots are in a 750 ml Liquor Bottle?
People often ask, how many shots or cocktails are there in a standard, 750ml liquor bottle? The answer depends on the size of the shot that you are pouring into a drink, but once you convert the milliliters into ounces (as shots in the United States are measured in ounces) it is simply a matter of dividing the full bottle size by the shot size.

Eco-Friendly Bartending
There are things you can do in every aspect of your life to reduce your impact on the environment and the bar is no exception. We all know that we need to recycle our empties, but there is more that can be done behind the bar to make its environmental footprint as minimal as possible.

Is Bartending School Worthwhile?
I'm regularly asked by people whether bartending schools are a worthwhile path to becoming a professional bartender. Quite simply the answer is no.

Bartending Schools
Nothing can beat on the job training when it comes to bartending. However, if you're looking for a course that helps you break into the profession or have been mixing professionally for awhile and want to step up your game there are a number of options available, both online and in person.

Certified Specialist of Spirits Program
Professional bartending is a fairly unregulated craft. Unlike barbers or doctors, no licensing boards exist to ensure that a professional bartender meets minimum standards. Even worse, bartending schools offer little in the way of preparation and understanding of spirits and cocktails Recently, programs have begun to emerge offering industry...

BarSmarts Wired: Online Training for Professional Bartenders
BarSmarts Wired is an online bartender training course offered periodically that allow professional bartenders the opportunity to receive BarSmarts Certification in a month via the internet.

Essential Bar Tools
A guide to the basic tools and utensils needed for the home bartender.

Recommend Your Favorite Bartending Tool
Many bartenders have their favorite tools that they find they cannot work without. If there's a special shaker, juicer, spoon, or a random device you find essential when you're working in the bar, share your recommendation.

Cap-On Speed Pourer
Cap-On is a patented design of liquor pourer which allows the home bartender to have the ability to pour shots of liquor with ease and give them the ability to replace the bottle's original cap for an air-tight seal.

Quick Strain Tin
Quick Strain Tins were designed for the professional bartender by using the style of a Boston shaker and integrating a strainer into the rim of the mixing tin. These are convenient, make pouring drinks faster and are available in a few different designs.

Uber Bar Tools
Uber Bar Tools produces a full line of tools for the professional bartender. The tools are designed to stand up to the busiest bar and make the mixologist's job easier and more efficient.

Best Bartending Guides
These are some of the best cocktail guide books available and are filled with recipes, photographs and tips to guide everyone along the path to the perfect cocktail.

Cocktail Set Essentials Video
Cocktail sets can include a range of gadgets and tools, but some are more essential than other. Learn the keys components necessary for all cocktail sets and aspiring mixologists.

Holiday Liquor Gift Guide for Professional Bartenders
Bartenders can be a tough lot to shop for during the holidays. They are picky about their spirits, and depending on what they drink, its not as easy as just walking into a store and picking something off the shelf. Spirits require careful deliberation when gifting them to a mixlogist. Here are the best spirits to give this holiday season. All are nationally available and should be easy to find and quite affordable given the level of quality of these liquors.

Finlandia Vodka Cup 2012 U.S. Finalists
A list and commentary of the U.S. finalists in the 14th Annual International Finlandia Vodka Cup. These cocktail recipes are a fantastic menagerie of vodka mixed drinks created by bartenders throughout America.

Calling All Bartenders! Finlandia Cup Competition is Now Open!
The Finlandia Cup international cocktail competition is upon us again this year. Entries are due by December 10th from American entrants and the top five mixologists will have their cocktails judged in the finals in NYC. The winning mixologist will then travel to Las Vegas for specialized training with world-class mixologist Tony Abou-Ganim...

The Sandeman Mix It Up Challenge offers a trip to Portugal
Sandeman Cellars, one of the most famous Port wine houses in the world, has a new challenge for both professional and amateur mixologists. Simply put, Sandeman is looking for the ultimate cocktail that features their Sandeman Founders Reserve Porto. The winning cocktail submission will receive a trip to beautiful Portugal to visit the famous...

A thorough resource for the serious amateur and professional bartenders sprinkled with a lot of fun. Cheryl Charming has years of bartending experience, is the author of many bartending guides and the advice she gives to any pursuing the career is invaluable.

Small Screen Network - The Cocktail Spirit with Robert Hess
A website filled with quality, informative videos that include cocktail recipes, interviews with mixologists and historians, and bartending tips and tricks.

United States Bartenders' Guild
"The United States Bartenders’ Guild is a brotherhood of beverage service professionals dedicated to the continued refinement of our craft." Members can take part in networking events, competitions, tastings, training and more.

International Bartenders Association
The International Bartenders Association was established in 1951 and is an international guild devoted to bartenders. The group has training centers, many cocktail competitions and an "official" list of cocktails which every bartender should know.

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