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How Many Shots are in a 750 ml Liquor Bottle?


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Updated July 20, 2011

People often ask, how many shots or cocktails are there in a standard, 750ml liquor bottle? The answer depends on the size of the shot that you are pouring into a drink, but once you convert the milliliters into ounces (as shots in the United States are measured in ounces) it is simply a matter of dividing the full bottle size by the shot size.

  • A standard 750 ml liquor bottle holds just shy of 25.4 ounces of alcohol.
  • If you are pouring a 2 ounce shot, expect to get 12.7 shots out of each bottle.
  • At a 1.5 ounce shot, the yield increases to 16.9 shots per bottle.
  • Some corporate restaurants and bars feature a 1.25 ounce shot, which gives a yield of 20.3 shots per bottle.

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