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Cocktail and Bartending Calendar of Events

January, February, March


Tim Laird, Brown-Foreman Chief Cocktail Officer, muddles an Old-fashioned with Canadian Mist Whiskey

Mistology Session with Tim Laird; muddling an Old-fashioned with Canadian Mist Whiskey

Photo Credit: © Shannon Graham

Every year numerous competitions, seminars, conferences and expos take place that are of interest to cocktail enthusiasts, distilled spirit connoisseurs, bartenders and hospitality professionals, and any one interested in fine drinking. This calender is an attempt to organize many of those events, along with "cocktail holidays" so that you can see what's going on in the drinking world. If you know of an event or competition that is not listed, please email me the information.

One note: Whisky Live is an international celebration of whiskey and has shows worldwide throughout the year. Check their website for this year's dates.


  • Bloody Mary Day
    January 1
    Could one of the reasons Bloody Mary Day is on the first day of the year be due to the number of New Year's hangovers? Recipe
  • Hot Toddy Day
    January 11
    One of my favorites, the Hot Toddy is one of the many classic cocktails with its very own holiday. Recipe or Hot Toddy Collection
  • Hot Buttered Rum Day
    January 17
    Cold winter days call for a hot cocktail and today is a great excuse to imbibe on one of the favorites. Recipe
  • San Antonio Cocktail Conference
    Typically the last weekend of January
    San Antonio, Texas
    A 4-day event filled with seminars, tastings, soirees, and classes for the home and professional bartender. Proceeds for the event go to HeartGift, a charity focused on giving heart surgery to children in developing countries
  • National Irish Coffee Week
    4th week of January
    National Irish Coffee Day falls on January 25. Recipe



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