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Cap-On Speed Pourer

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Cap-on Speed Pourer and V-Rod Bottle Opener - BarProducts.com

Cap-on Speed Pourer and V-Rod Bottle Opener - BarProducts.com

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The Bottom Line

Speed pourers are great for the busy bars in which the most common bottles of liquor will be used almost every night. Yet, if you are a home bartender or a pro who works private parties you understand the inconvenience of removing the pourer from bottles after every party so your spirits can be stored properly. This is where the Cap-On by BarProducts.com comes in. You get most of the convenience of a speed pourer while you're pouring drink after drink and when the night's over you simply place the bottle's cap right back where it belongs.


  • Convenient speed pourer bottle pouring with the ability to replace the original cap.
  • Reusable or disposable - the cheapest pourers you can find.
  • Use the V-Rod as an accessory to remove the Cap-On for washing and reusing.
  • Great for home bars and anyone who wants a quick pour with the ease of keeping liquors fresh.


  • Does not work for corked bottles.
  • Not the fastest speed pourers available, but relatively accurate.


  • Dispensers for liquor bottles which allow you to seal the bottle with the original cap.
  • Proprietary (patented) design offered by BarProducts.com
  • 69 cents per dozen

Guide Review - Cap-On Speed Pourer

Essentially, the Cap-On is a speed pourer that replaces the spout with a simple hole and allows you to place the bottle's cap right over the pourer. I have found the Cap-On to be a convenience for my bars that I have been waiting for. Between my two "home" bars I distribute many of the specialty spirits that I collect and many of those stay in stock for a considerable amount of time so it is especially convenient to have a version of the speed pourer that allows me to pour a steady shot then recap the bottle with it's original air-tight cap. These Cap-Ons are also cheap at less than $1 per dozen so if a bottle goes dry I don't feel bad about tossing the pourer with it. Although than can be washed and reused, to be able to dispose of one guilt-free after it has poured a pungent absinthe or creamy liqueur is a nice option.

Because of the stout design of the Cap-On, which does allow a bottle cap to fit over it, the speed that we are used to with some of the standard designed speed pourers is gone. If you are one who likes to control flow with the pourer's air hole you will find that luxury gone as well. So for the bartender in those busy lounges and bars these are not a replacement for your trusted stock of pourers. However, for the professional who regularly works at parties where you are taking a stock of bottles from one venue to another they are fabulous. I often keep a bag full of speed pourers in my traveling bar set up and at each venue one of the tedious tasks is to line up the bottles and fit each with pourers and when the job is done, each needs to be removed and cleaned. With the Cap-On this task has disappeared because as long as I have the caps stored, clean up is easy and I can shave 5 minutes of struggling with pourers off my clean up time.

The one exception to the convenience of the Cap-On are all of those bottles with corks. Obviously, the cork is not going to fit back into the bottle when the pourer is in so you do still need to have a stock of standard speed pourers available or simply live with the "glug, glug" of pouring spirits with cork caps. Yet, those corked bottles are still few and far in between enough that it makes sense to "Cap-On" the bottles that use a regular screw on cap.

One accessory that BarProducts.com has that is a must if you plan on recycling the Cap-On pourers is the V-Rod. This is a two-ended bottle opener that fits in your back pocket and will on one end open any beer bottle and on the other end help you pry those pesky corks and pourers from bottles. If you have ever torn a stubborn wine or tequila cork in half inside the bottle because it was stuck and you rocked it back and forth until it simply gave way or wrestled with a speed pourer for what seems like an eternity, you will understand the beauty of the leverage that the V-Rod can give you. Also, it is pretty cool because Bar Products can customize the graphic for your personal style (the one pictured is from Miss Charming).

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