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Quick Strain Tin

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Quick Strain Tin Cocktail Shakers

Quick Strain Tin Cocktail Shakers

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The Bottom Line

Jason Griffin has been bartending professionally since 1996 and those years behind the bar have led him to develop a new line of cocktail shakers, Quick Strain Tins. These tins are in the Boston shaker style with the exception that both elements are stainless steel and you have the option to buy just the pouring tin and use any standard base. The genius behind these shakers and the reason they are now my favorites is the strategically placed holes that line the rim. This design eliminates the needs for a separate strainer while giving you the feel of a Boston shaker. It is perfect for the professional bartender.


  • Fast and convenient cocktail shaker.
  • The "Perfect Pours" create just that.
  • Available in a small size for those with smaller than average hands.
  • Perfect insulation on the vinyl dipped tins so hands don't freeze.
  • Great price for a quality product.


  • The tins can get stuck after shaking and can create annoying squeak.
  • It is still necessary to fine strain when herbs, fruit or other "chunky" ingredients are in the tin.
  • Only available on QuickStrain.com.


  • Stainless steel shaker tins with straining holes in the rim.
  • Available in "Original" (360 degrees of straining), Perfect Pour (3 straining sections), Small, and Vinyl-Dip.
  • Prices range from $16 to $21 for single and combos (includes "no hole tin")

Guide Review - Quick Strain Tin

If you like the feel of a Boston shaker but dislike having to grab for a [link utl=http://cocktails.about.com/od/stockyourbar/tp/essentail_bartools.htm]hawthorne strainer every time you make a drink then you might really enjoy the Quick Strain Tin. These tins have built in strainers via holes around the rim - the originals all the way around and the Perfect Pours in three sections - so when you're done shaking, pop it open and strain. They do make life easier and even if you are a Boston shaker user who avoids the extra strainers most of the time, you'll find these much easier to use because you can strain while the tins are touching and no ice escapes.

Personally I found the Perfect Pour tins to fit my style better because I can be a sloppy strainer and keeping the liquid confined to the one section I want to use keeps liquid from spilling over the sides. However, quite a few bartenders I've had try these out liked the original Quick Strain Tin with 360 degrees of straining capability better because they could strain without lining up the holes and glass.

What Quick Strain Tins does is give each individual the option to customize a shaker to their own needs. The vinyl-dipped tins are great if cold steel bothers you and the smaller version is perfect for anyone with smaller hands who find it hard to get a good grip on the average shaker.

These really are designed for the professional and take a bit to get used to, but once you do you may never go back to any 3-piece shaking system. Convenience, quality and personalization are all qualities I would attribute to this shaker system and highly recommend it for anyone serious about mixology.

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