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Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum

Blackstrap Meets Spiced Rum

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Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum

Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum

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In April, 2012 Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum was released to the U.S. market. This new addition to the brand's portfolio is a marriage of rich blackstrap Caribbean rum and a modification of their signature spice blend. The result is nothing short of interesting, a rum with more character than you could expect and a surprise around every corner. This may not become your everyday rum of choice, nor is it going to work in every drink. However, it will make a nice occasional addition to the bar, especially when a tropical drink with depth or a dark dessert drink is called for.

About Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum

Blackstrap rums are not the most common variety available, though they are quite tasty. The majority of blackstraps are rich and luscious, very sweet and thick as molasses. While this profile is great and rather useful, they often lack anything beyond the saccharine drink base. Captain Morgan Black, however, adds a layer that steps this style of rum into another realm.

Clove and cassia bark are just two of the spices added to the Caribbean blackstrap rum used as the base for Captain Morgan Black. It is also barreled in double charred, blackened oak, which adds even more interesting notes to this bold rum.

  • Caribbean black strap rum with select spices and natural flavors.
  • 94.6 proof (47.3% alc/volume)
  • Retails for around $21.99/750ml bottle
  • Released in April, 2012


Tasting Notes

When I first received the bottle of Captain Morgan Black to review I had to take into account my personal bias against spiced rums in general. Always with a back up plan, I knew exactly what to do. It was time to call up friends who are avid Captain Morgan drinkers. This is their rum of choice for frozen Strawberry Daiquiris, Gombos, and almost any other rum mixed drink that comes along. Who better to be on a tasting panel than those who know the brand's flagship inside and out?

Tasting panel assembled, we put Captain Morgan Black to the test and it fared well for the most part. The consensus is that it gets better with water and ice. This is one of those rums whose bouquet opens up with water, just like a number of whiskies. This simple alteration brings out the unique aspects of the thick, dark rum, allowing you to taste the the clove and cassia bark; notes of anise, vanilla, and chocolate also make a wafting appearance. There is also an interesting undertone of whiskey-saturated oak, which likely came from the deeply charred barrels.

Straight sipping figured out, it was time to test how Captain Morgan Black holds up in the panel's go-to mixed drink, the Gombo. This is an easy mix of spiced rum, orange juice, and Mountain Dew and is a good gauge for how the blackstrap works with citrus. Not one Gombo drinker disliked this variation. Though it may not make a regular appearance in the future, it will remain on as an option. The distinction between Black and the original Captain Morgan is in the notes of anise that pop out in this drink, and that, along with the sultry vanilla tone, intrigued many on the panel.

In another thought, this rum can become a whiskey substitute. Browsing the Captain Morgan Black recipes provided, it is apparent that this is a good route to go down. Drinks like the Old-fashioned, Perfect Manhattan, Highball, and Hot Toddy are all viable options if you simply switch the whiskey for this rum. Also, we cannot forget one of the more obvious uses, a Dark & Stormy, nor the dessert realm which could include a rum for vodka switch in a White Russian. It is a surprisingly versatile liquor if given a shot.


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