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Shellback Rum

Good Rum, Great Price

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Shellback Silver Rum

Shellback Silver Rum

Photo Courtesy: © Shellback Rum
Released in 2012, Shellback produces two styles of rum, Silver and Spiced. While the two are obviously distinct from one another, together they make a great portfolio introduction for the brand. They are smooth and full-flavored, and impressive rums, especially given the meager $17 price tag. After tasting Shellback, it will be difficult to find a comparable rum in this budget-friendly range.

Shellback Silver

We should start off with a bit of trivia: The name "Shellback" comes from a tradition among sailors in which they receive this honored title when they cross the equator on a voyage.

On to the rum... Shellback is produced in Barbados at the West Indies Rum Distillery, which has been making rums since 1893. The Shellback Rums are blends, comprised of neutral, heavy, and aged light rums that have passed through either continuous or pot stills.

Shellback Silver is a delightful unaged rum, it has distinct floral notes and hints of tropical fruits along with a satisfying vanilla undertone. For a rum of this price, it is exceptionally smooth and has a fresh finish. This is a rum that is begging to be used in any rum cocktail you want to throw it into to. It will work well with crisp, clean drinks like the Daiquiri, and it serves as a perfect base for the most complicated of tiki cocktails. This can very well become your regular well rum.

Try a Shellback Independence Day Mojito...

Shellback Spiced Rum

Shellback Spiced Rum

Shellback Spiced Rum

Photo Courtesy: © Shellback Rum

Shellback Spiced Rum quickly became my new favorite spiced rum. What I enjoy most about this is that it lacks that acid burn that has deterred me from these rums for awhile. This one has the spices, but I find them to be in better balance, slightly more gentle than the likes of Captain Morgan and Sailor Jerry. On the other hand, if you enjoy that punch only spiced rums can give, this tamer version may not be up to your standards.

This spiced rum begins with the same base blend as the silver. Natural spices (and no sugar) are added including allspice, cassia, cinnamon bark oil, ginger oil, clove oil, and nutmeg. The rum also rests in used American bourbon barrels for a year. The result of this is a rum with a deep profile of spice and notes of caramel and honey and it's a spiced rum you could easily use in the more complex rum cocktails, certainly any that call for spiced rum specifically. One drink from Shellback that you may want to try is the Kaepernick's Keg.

About Shellback Rum:

  • Blended rums produced in Barbados.
  • Imported in partnership with Grand Antilles Cane Spirits.
  • 40% alc/volume (80 proof)
  • Retails for around $17/750ml bottle.
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