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Brinley Gold Flavored Rums

A Flavored Rum Family Affair

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The Brinley family has taken the island flair of St. Kitts in the Caribbean into a unique line of flavored rums. You will not find a white or aged rum coming from Brinley, instead they are concentrating on tropical flavors and are doing an excellent job at it. The Brinley Gold Rums may be one of the most sippable, true-to flavor rums available and include naturally infused coconut, coffee, lime, mango and vanilla.

Brinley Gold Coffee Rum

Of the Brinley Gold Rums I think the Coffee would have to top the list. It is rich, but not too rich and the rum-sweetness with the Brazilian roasted blend of coffee makes it more espresso-like.

It is an excellent substitute for Kahlua and if you look at the myriad of cocktails that use that popular liqueur, you have a great place to begin mixing Brinley Gold Coffee Rum. In fact, one of the company's signature drinks is a Rum Russian that follows this theory exactly - skip the Kahlua of a White Russian and Voila! a delicious drink is born with a little more of a kick than the original. For lovers of a well-made Espresso Martini, this rum can replace the Kahlua (again) in one popular vodka version, or (better yet) pair it with Brinley's Vanilla in a variation I fell in love with at the Bacchus in St. Croix.

Find coffee-flavored cocktails...

Brinley Gold Lime Rum

The first drink I thought of with Brinley Gold Lime Rum was nothing less than the one and only Mojito. In theory it was to be a natural fit - there is already rum and lime so why not start with a lime-flavored rum. The result was spectacular and the other drink, Brinley's Rum Swizzle, was equally impressive. That drink mixes Brinley Lime with their Coconut, a touch of lime juice and club soda to bring it all together.

I did find that the lime rum when served alone takes some getting used to. The caramel back of the gold rum mixed with lime is a little too sweet for me. However, mixing with this Tahitian lime rum makes an excellent round of drinks and, because it does remind me of a key lime pie on its own, I cannot wait to try it in a Key Lime Pie Martini in which I'm thinking of replacing the lime cordial with Brinley Lime and the vanilla vodka with their vanilla rum. Sounds delicious!

Brinley Gold Vanilla Rum

Vanilla is yet another natural pairing with rum and when the two meet the result is a luscious, creamy spirit. This one is superb on its own, over ice or with club soda to top it off (Brinley Cream Soda). The rum has a toasted Madagascar vanilla flavor that is a fantastic mixer for cocktails.

One suggestion of the many for Brinley Gold Vanilla Rum is to use it to replace the vanilla vodka in the somewhat popular Creamsicle. This little change transforms the drink into a slightly richer bit of sweet deliciousness that has more depth than vodka can ever give to it. Another delightful drink that this vanilla brings to another level, try it out in a Banana Daiquiri - with this you will find a frozen concoction that will thrill the tastebuds.

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