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Clearheart Rum

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Clearheart Old Cane Rum

Clearheart Old Cane Rum

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About Clearheart Rum

As excited as I was about Clearheart’s new gin, when I heard rum the intrigue peaked. This expansion of the distillery’s spirit line into different types of spirits is not the average endeavor for a small facility, but the guys over there, headed up by the ambition of Jeff Quint, continue to pull it off. With the release of Clearheart Rum this handful of people now produces a vodka, gin, rum, apple brandy, grappa, lemoncello and lamponcella along with the wines that started it all. Even more exciting is the future as Clearheart plans to move their distillery into a spacious, new building in the vineyards – I know there are plans.

With so much going on, can the quality stay? So far, so good and this rum proves it. The molasses is first-run from fresh, old growth cane and the two distillations along with a cold carbon filtration create a beautiful and clean rum. It’s rich for a white rum, but not overly, and it has a balanced warm toffee back making it a delicious after dinner sipper.

Enjoy Clearheart Rum

Clearheart Rum is, however, a mixer for me the majority of the time, but it’s not a tropical rum and some of the rum cocktails simply cover it up. That’s not to say it doesn’t make an outstanding Daiquiri or Knickerbocker, yet the Bahama Mama and Blue Hawaiian seem too tropical – no, we need to go with cocktails with a northern flair to match this northern rum. It becomes a comforting base for a Hot Buttered Rum, Grand Rum Toddy and Café Caribbean. One will find it to make a great Boston Sidecar, an intriguing Immaculate and a spectacular Bolo Cocktail.

Equally as exciting about this young rum is that some of the initial batch has been held back in the barrel. As soon as age has done its job the team at Clearheart plans to release a dark rum. I’ll have some Fish House Punch waiting for that news.

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