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Bacardi Mojito - Ready to Drink

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Bacardi Ready to Drink Mojito

Bacardi Ready to Drink Mojito

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The Bottom Line

Welcome another bottled cocktail to the market, the Bacardi Mojito. The rum giant released this new bottling in the spring of 2008 which pairs the light rum with the lime and mint of the classic cocktail. With this drink you can forget finding fresh mint, pulling out the muddler, and squeezing the lime: all you have to do is pour it over ice. It's convenient, yes, and great for a party where one would like to serve Mojitos but not spend the time making each individual drink, but the flavor isn't quite the same - close but no cigar so to speak.


  • Easy to make Mojito - just add ice.
  • Relatively impressive for a ready to drink cocktail.


  • Light on the mint compared to a freshly prepared Mojito.
  • Takes the fun out of muddling the drink.
  • Mint flavor is slightly tart.


  • Bacardi rum, lime juice, mint and sugar; pre-mixed and bottled.
  • Produced by Bacardi & Co. Ltd
  • Released in 2008
  • 15% alc/volume (30 proof)
  • Retails for around $20/1.75 liter bottle (750ml "coming soon")

Guide Review - Bacardi Mojito - Ready to Drink

I'm always cautious about pre-mixed, bottled cocktails for a good reason: most are far from being good. Some of these newer ones are starting to be impressive, okay as impressive as you can get with a cocktail in a bottle, and this is one of them. Is it like a real Mojito? No, but it's pretty close.

The Bacardi Mojito is very sugary and almost like a lime concentrate with a little mint. The mint and the lime are almost artificial and I wish there was more mint and that it had a fresher taste to it. On the bright side it's better than some of the Mojito mixes that don't include the rum, those tend to be overly sweet. At least with this one you can taste the mint. One thing I noticed is that the "instructions" don't call for soda but I recommend you ignore that and top it off with at least a splash of club soda.

Overall, Bacardi Mojito is pleasant and convenient. I found myself adding more rum (Bacardi just to keep it "pure") to quench the sugar but it's a good effort and possibly the best that can be done in a bottle for this touchy drink. It's not repulsive like many pre-mixed drinks, so that's a positive note.

User Reviews

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 4 out of 5
It's pretty damn good for a mix, Member SomeChickinOregon

The other reviews are comparing it to fresh. Well OF COURSE it isn't as good as fresh, but for a mix, it's the best I've had. I just had the Rose's mix with rum that someone else recommended and it was LAME. Seriously, 3 ounces of the syrup to 1 ounce of rum? What's the point? Plus, it didn't taste good, even after adding more rum. The Bacardi Mojito is light and refreshing and you will know you drank some alcohol. If you can't handle liquor, yeah, stick to the other, over-sugared stuff. I'm going to be sticking to the Bacardi.

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