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Cedar Ridge Winery and Distillery

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Cedar Ridge Lemoncella and Grappa

Cedar Ridge Lemoncella and Grappa

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Cedar Ridge Grappa

Considering that grappa is produced as a way to reduce the waste created by the wine making process, it is only natural that any winemaker with a still produce this interesting variety of brandy. Using the fermented skins that are removed from the wine grapes results in what is essentially a distilled wine that is the perfect after dinner drink, retaining the full character and fruity flavors of the wine. The grappa produced at Cedar Ridge is a fine example of the brandy, which is unaged, clear and distilled in small batches.

Tasting Notes:

Hearty grapes greet the nose with undertones of sweet lavender and rose and pave the path for the initial taste of a delicate, earthy bouquet. The palate is filled with silky grapes, mimicking that of light, white wine, with the subtle hint of citrus. Finishing off with an intriguing oaky grape, the grappa makes a lasting impression as it leaves a warm feel on the tongue and lips.

Enjoy Cedar Ridge Grappa:

  • Served straight.
  • In hot espresso or as a sipper on the side.

Cedar Ridge Lemoncella

Lemoncella, as with any lemon-flavored liquor, can present a challenge for the distiller and a significant amount of credit is due to the one who finds a successful recipe. Jeff Quint is rightfully proud that the lemoncella he produces can be compared with the finest liqueurs of its type produced in Italy. Cedar Ridge zests their own lemons by hand; a daunting task that assures quality and purity. Since there are no artificial flavors or coloring agents used, this lemoncella is the real thing and represents the true flavors of the citrus fruit in a spectacular way.

Tasting Notes:

It is all about pure, fresh lemon for this super sweet dessert cordial. Every aspect from the fragrance to the finish is a lemony delight that takes one back to childhood days laden with those sweet and slightly sour lemon drops from the old-time corner drug store.

Enjoy Cedar Ridge Lemoncella:

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User Reviews

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 1 out of 5
Don't waste your time with the Sunday Brunch, Member Brian_J.

We’ve heard some nice comments about Cedar Ridge and decided to try the Sunday Brunch. What a mistake. First of all you are eating in basically a very large garage so don’t go for the ambiance. It might be nicer in the warm weather when they can open the garage doors. The food was over the top mediocre. A selection of dry hard scones, a very small less than appetizing selection of fruit, two kinds of dried out eggs, potatoes, sausage and bacon. The sausages were the frozen dry grey wrinkled kind that you get at really cheap hotels with the free breakfast. The potatoes were the best item. They also had a “station” that made pancakes and carved prime rib. We had heard that the prime rib was a specialty so we were anxious to try it. If you like well-done beef than this is for you. For me it was dry and over cooked. I went back three times when they brought out a new prime rib to see if they had any that were near to medium rare – they didn’t. We were very disappointed. In addition, there is a very, very limited selection of beverages. The brunch was equivalent to the Village Inn except that the Village Inn has a better selection.

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