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Grey Goose Vodkas

The "Worlds Best Tasting Vodka"

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As one of the names that has become synonymous with quality vodka, Grey Goose is a brand that all others are compared to, for an obvious reason: it's that good. This super-premium vodka now has an expansive portfolio of four delicately flavored vodkas reminiscent of its original, benchmark setting clear vodka. Each of the individual bottlings lend a sophisticatedly smooth taste, indicative of Grey Goose's tagline claiming it to be the "World's Best Tasting Vodka."

The Base is Where It's At

As with any flavored vodka, the base liquor produced establishes and either makes or breaks the entire portfolio. In this case, Grey Goose's clear vodka is the refined beginning expected from the epicurean traditions of France. Every aspect that leads to the resulting soft, crisp vodka is as refined as the finished libation itself. And, really, what else would be expected of France? The vodka begins with the finest selection of French wheat grown in the Beauce region and spring water naturally filtered by champagne limestone. In it's entirety, the carefully calculated five-step distillation process which leads to the delicately smooth, clean flavor of Grey Goose is, no doubt, due to the diligence and expertise of the vodka artisans who create it.

Enjoy Grey Goose Vodka:

And Then There Were Flavors

The early 2007 release of La Poire brought the flavor portfolio of Grey Goose to a total of four, which also includes Le Citron, L'Orange and La Vanille. As one would expect from a name with the prestige and notoriety of Grey Goose, only the finest flavor sources at their peaks are used in these delicately pure infusions. Each of the familiar bottles, with their simplistically elegant design, is adorned with an impressionist painting of the flavor inside, which peaks through the frosted glass via a flying goose silhouette.

La Poire

Infused with the natural essences of ripe Buerre d' Anjou (Anjou Pears of France), Grey goose La Poire is a fine balance of sweetness and enduring flavor. The introduction of honeysuckle and a bountiful floral bouquet is a beautiful lead into the prized, soft and inviting pear flavor and crisp, long finish whose delicacy and bliss can be likened to a dewy summer morning.

Enjoy Grey Goose La Poire:

Le Citron

A colorful representation of the zest of lemons can be found inside Grey Goose Le Citron. The nose is filled with fresh, sweet lemons and waves of lavender and rose. As a lemon-flavored vodka goes, Le Citron displays a beauty few others have attained, with its warm, sweet zestiness, hints of brightness touched by rose and an elegant twang of raw lemon to finish the experience off wondrously.

Enjoy Grey Goose Le Citron:

User Reviews

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 2 out of 5
Wise up, people, Member yermudder

Grey Goose as a brand reminds me of Chivas Regal scotch. It's a mediocre product with a fancy bottle and label and a lot of hype. Blind taste tests have demonstrated that even Grey Goose fans don't like it much when they don't know what they're drinking. Here's the deal, folks. The word ""vodka"" means ""water"" in Russian. The goal of a premier vodka distiller is not to have a product that has a trendy taste; it's to create something that is as close to water as possible. That means flavorless, with minimal burn. A tiny bit of sweetness is OK, as with some smuggled-in Ukranian stuff I once tasted, but the best stuff goes down like a cool drink of water. Grey Goose isn't nasty or anything, but it's not a great vodka.

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