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42 Below Flavored Vodkas - Manuka Honey and Kiwi

Vodka from New Zealand

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Manuka and Maple Sour Cocktail Recipe - 42 Below Vodka

Manuka and Maple Sour

Photo Courtesy of: © 42 Below Vodka
42 Below produces a delightful line of flavored vodkas alongside their smooth, clear vodka. The New Zealand distillery, which produces the spirits 42 degrees below the equator, now has four very interesting infusions including Feijoa and Passion Fruit and (the only two currently available in the U.S.) Kiwi and Manuka Honey. These may not be your everyday commercial infusions but they are very well done and worth a shot at creating some great drinks with.

About 42 Below Vodka

42 Below is distilled three times from non-genetically engineered wheat. After that, natural spring water (whose source hails from an extinct volcanic region) is used as a wash before a final distillation and a trip through 35 different filters. The result is a smooth vodka free of the majority of impurities.

42 Below Manuka Honey Vodka

42 Below Black Mission and Manuka Flip

42 Below Black Mission and Manuka Flip

Photo Courtesy of: © Greg Ziolo – 42 BELOW Vodka
So, you may be thinking, "Honey vodka?" Yes it's true, but this is not the same honey as that little bear in the cupboard holds. Manuka honey is darker and sweeter than many others and it has an oakiness that is unusual, distinct and inviting. Think of it as a vodka alternative to your autumn and winter whiskey tendencies. Obviously this is not going to work in every vodka cocktail because most fruits and vermouths just don't fit with this one. However, the other possibilities are spectacular. Sit down with a manuka honey Black Russian or Chocolatini and you'll be convinced. I found this one more impressive than the Kiwi (below).

The process of this infusion is as interesting as its result. It begins in the manuka trees of New Zealand and the busy bees who collect their nectar. The raw manuka is vaporized by applying direct heat and a steam is produced. This steam is then condensed into an essence which is infused into the clear vodka.

Enjoy 42 Below Manuka Honey Vodka:

42 Below Kiwi Vodka

Kiwi Mango Mint Mixed Drink - 42 Below Kiwi Vodka

Kiwi Mango Mint

Photo Courtesy of: © 42 Below Vodka

Where else would a kiwi-infused vodka come from than New Zealand? This vodka is best featured in drinks with fresh fruit, squeezed fruit juices and light, natural mixers. Sweeten the cocktails lightly with liqueurs, sugar or simple syrup and don't be afraid to use infused syrups (vanilla or ginger are really nice) to create some interesting libations.

The aroma is of sweet kiwi and grapes backed by the faint smell of alcohol. It has a silky, floral entry that falls into the tangy warmth of pure, natural kiwi that caresses the taste buds. This is not a vodka you forget shortly after, a lingering pinch melts away ever so slowly and, if drinking straight, can be washed easily with a water back.

Enjoy 42 Below Kiwi:

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Ho Chi Minh Mule, Member sclark14

Had the most delicious, refreshing cocktail made with 42 Below feijoa vodka called a Ho Chi Minh Mule. It had 1 shot of above vod, mint, cranberry juice, limes and gingerbeer. Delectable! Also bought kiwifruit 42 below vodka...if anyone has a yummy recipe to use it, please share.

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