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360 Vodka

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360 Vodka

360 Vodka

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The Bottom Line

Green products are becoming an increasingly common sight on the American market and it's only right that alcohol begin switching sides, shall we say, to greener thinking in production. It is the eco-friendly attitude that 360 Vodka has adopted that is sure to set it apart from it's competition, but the liquor is not all about the ecologically sound production, bottling and marketing, the vodka itself is really good. Essentially, 360 Vodka has hit a niche where you can get a great tasting, every day, super-premium vodka and contribute to the care of the environment.


  • Production, packaging and marketing are ecologically friendly.
  • Earthy flavor reflective of the 'green' brand.
  • A feel good vodka for the tastebuds and the concience.
  • Unique, pressure cork closure is recyclable through the company.


  • With the strong focus on being green, it's surprising that 360 does not claim to use organic grains.


  • Distilled five times from American grain in continuous column still.
  • Filtered five times, one of which is through granulated coconut shells, another of .45 micron filter
  • 80 proof (40% alcohol/volume)
  • Retails for around $35 per 750ml bottle.
  • Produced by Earth Friendly Distilling Company, a division of McCormick Distilling Company, Inc.

Guide Review - 360 Vodka

I don't find 360 Vodka to be anything spectacular when comparing it to other super-premium vodkas, it's unnecessary because it is a really good vodka and is worthy of its stature. There are no discernible, outstanding characteristics beyond it being a clean, smooth grain vodka that can be mixed in any cocktail anywhere with no adverse effects in flavor, feel or aftertaste. 360 Vodka is smooth and earthy, with a "linen fresh" feel, it is simply the ideal of good vodka. Surely, this is a can't miss if you decide to stock it in your bar on a regular basis and use it in any of your favorite cocktails.

That said, one of the most interesting aspects about 360 Vodka is how the plan for producing it has taken into account the effect on the environment in every aspect.

360 Vodka's positive environmental impacts:

  • 85% recycled glass bottle (70% post-consumer waste)
  • 100% recycled paper used for labeling and marketing
  • Shipping materials made of 100% recycled material
  • Water based inks used for all printed material
  • "Close the Loop" program for returning/recycling bottle closures to the distillery
  • Locally grown grain reduces fossil fuels used for transport
  • The distillery has it's own water treatment plant
  • Carbon dioxide reclamation process that prevents the gas from escaping into the atmosphere
  • Sulfur dioxide emissions reduced 99.7% and polluting dust particles reduced 50% in entire distillation process in comparison with traditional distilling

Tasting Notes:
360 Vodka has a fascinatingly clean flavor that reflects its brand's green identity. The nose is light and fruity with a clean lavender while the palate is warm and earthy with a ever-so-slight caramel undertone. The finish is long and strong with an uplifting kick.

360 Cocktails:

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 5 out of 5
Amazing flavor and unbelievably smooth, Member jeudiann

The title pretty much sums it up. The Double Chocolate Vodka is simply amazing in flavor and the smoothest vodka I've ever had. I'm totally hooked.

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