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DeKuyper Island Blue Pucker Sweet and Sour Schnapps Liqueur

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DeKuyper Island Blue Pucker Sweet and Sour Schnapps Liqueur

DeKuyper Island Blue Pucker Sweet and Sour Schnapps Liqueur

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The Bottom Line

There is not much to be said for DeKuyper Island Blue Pucker except that it should be avoided if you have any taste buds. I picked up a bottle of this sea blue liqueur when looking for a new blue liqueur to create (what else?) blue drinks and, beyond the beautiful hue of the liqueur it was a complete disappointment. Where many of the other Puckers produced by the brand that I've tried have a purpose in at least one or two cocktails (as novel as those may be), there was not one mix I tried where Island Blue Pucker didn't completely destroy the drink. Even a dash did some otherwise good cocktails in.


  • It's blue.


  • Too sweet, too sour with an indistinguishable fruit flavor.
  • Could not find one drink in which it didn't ruin the flavor.
  • Tastes like a sour, fruit punch cough syrup.


  • Produced by John DeKuyper & Son, Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Sweet and Sour Schnapps flavored with "fruit medley"
  • 15% alc/volume (30 proof)
  • Retails for around $10/750ml bottle

Guide Review - DeKuyper Island Blue Pucker Sweet and Sour Schnapps Liqueur

The contents of DeKuyper Island Blue Pucker is a sort of mystery. What we do know is that, in keeping with the "Pucker" line, it is a sweet and sour schnapps. However, beyond the bottle alluding to a "tangy mixed fruit medley with a sweet and sour sensation" and graphics of pineapple, kiwi, orange, lime, lemon and cherry on the bottle, the flavors are not disclosed. It has the taste of a fruit punch-flavored cough syrup that children may even find unpleasing.

As far as mixing Island Blue Pucker goes, there are a few recipes floating around that are recommended (by others, not me). One is an Absolut Blue Martini, which calls for equal parts Island Blue and Absolut Citron, shaken, strained and garnished with a lemon twist. Another (even more awful) mix is an Azul Lemondrop shooter that, amazingly enough, adds sweet and sour to the Pucker along with a ridiculous amount of lemon juice. There is a sour line there that has been gruesomely crossed, even in the world of shooters.

So, why have I bothered to write about this liqueur which I obviously have found no use for? It's quite simple. Blue drinks are a novelty that many people seek out for various reasons, usually to fit a party theme or "brighten" up a drinking occasion. However, when seeking out those ocean-colored libations my advice is to choose one of the other blue liqueurs such as blue curacao or Hpnotiq.

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