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DeKuyper Burst Bar Shots

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DeKuyper Burst Bar Shots - Kamikaze, Washington Apple, Redheaded

DeKuyper Burst Bar Shots

The Bottom Line

DeKuyper is everywhere. You probably know them best for their Puckers which have swarmed liquor store shelves and back bars with the ultra-sweet, ultra-sour Apple, Watermelon, Island Blue, etc. Now there is something a bit of a tamer flavor, which are meant to give drinkers an even easier way to make a few of their favorite shooters. With these new Burst Bar Shots you literally have a shot in a bottle and while the line has kicked off with three favorite copycats - Kamikaze, Redheaded, Washington Apple - there are plans for expansion.


  • One bottle needed for a quick shooter.
  • Probably as close to the flavor of the original shooters as is possible to bottle.


  • Low in alcohol for a shot.
  • Not quite the same as the same shots from scratch.


  • Pre-mixed shots in a bottle in three flavors: Kamikaze Burst, Redheaded Burst, Washington Apple Burst.
  • Produced by DeKuyper Royal Distillers, The Netherlands
  • 20% alc/volume (40 proof)
  • Retails for around $11/750ml bottle
  • Released in 2008

Guide Review - DeKuyper Burst Bar Shots

My objectivity has been put to the test on this review because personally I avoid bottled shots and cocktails at most costs, but with an open mind I've come to a conclusion: these new Burst Bar Shots are alright and may have a place in the world. The flavors are close, although not quite the same, as the "homemade" shooters they are designed after - in this case the Kamikaze, Red Headed Slut and Washington Apple - and they are not repulsive like many of their ready-to-drink counterparts. Instead, they are more like sipping candy and are just on the verge of being intolerably sweet but I also found that they could use a little help.

The theory of "the liquor's inside" is usually a warning that it is low in alcohol. The DeKuyper Burst Bar Shots are no exception and weigh in at a mere 20% ABV. Now that's not necessarily bad as it falls in the standard range for liqueurs, however if you think you and 6 friends are going to get wasted off of one of these bottles, that just may not happen. All is not lost though because mixing in a bit of vodka - maybe 2:1, heavy on the Burst Bar Shot - you have a more powerful shooter that tastes pretty good. And you're down to 2 bottles instead of the 3 bottles required for each of the original shooters. If not cut with a base liquor (check out whiskey with that Washington Apple) and you want to go it alone on the Burst, might I recommend a quick shake with some ice to thin it out.

If you're looking for a light shooter that tastes pretty good, doesn't get you drunk right away and doesn't require any mixing, these are convenient and one of the best choices. However you will be sorely disappointed if you dare to compare these to the shots they are modeled after and enjoy the anticipation of a shot being built.

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