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Charbay Green Tea and Pomegranate Aperitif Wines

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Charbay Green Tea Aperitif - Ready to Drink Cocktail

Charbay Green Tea Aperitif

Photo Courtesy of: © Domaine Charbay

The Bottom Line

Many companies take on the challenge of creating a "cocktail" that is ready to drink straight out of the bottle, but few are worth mentioning. However, when a distiller is as refined as Domaine Charbay releases an RTD, you have to take notice. There are two new flavors of these Charbay Aperitifs, Green Tea and Pomegranate, and they are as finely crafted as their flavored vodka counterparts. These drinks have that pure, natural flavoring in a clean, sweet aperitif wine and are ideal for a super-easy, premium before dinner drink.


  • No mixing needed.
  • A delightful, low proof aperitif ready to drink.
  • The first drink and the last (of the bottle or drink) are balanced perfectly.
  • Large dinner party? A great before dinner drink solution.


  • Serve it on the rocks or shaken and strained as recommended.


  • Green Tea and Pomegranate flavored aperitif wines.
  • Produced and bottled by Domaine Charbay, St. Helena, California.
  • 21% alc/volume (42 proof)
  • Available winery-direct at Chabay.com for $36/750ml bottle.

Guide Review - Charbay Green Tea and Pomegranate Aperitif Wines

Charbay Green Tea Aperitif -
Holds the aroma of sweetened green tea and a floral bouquet of subtle rose, lavender and citrus flowers, which is appetizing on its own. It's entry is suave and seductive, leading to a herbal-icious, sweetly dry feel that tantalizes the taste buds. Served straight, it is thick with a long, rich finish but when "properly" diluted it is se magnifique.

Charbay Pomegranate Aperitif -
Sultry, sweet pomegranate fragrances with notes of sugary sweetness open this divine experience. The palate is warm, fresh and filled with the pure flavor of pomegranate in a silky, non-syrupy presence. A shorter finish than the Green Tea, it is delightful, semi-dry and purely refreshing anyway you serve it.

Serve these aperitif wines on the rocks or shaken and strained with a lemon twist or wedge for the best experience. Don't worry about sipping fast, they're just as delightful once at the end of the drink (or bottle) as they were when freshly poured. That's what is amazing.

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