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Herb's Aromatic Vodkas

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Herb's Aromatic Vodkas- Herbal-infused vodkas

Herb's Aromatic Vodkas

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The Bottom Line

Herb's Aromatic Vodkas were introduced to the market in 2006 with four herbal flavors that are equally intense in taste and aroma. The product line includes Cilantro, Dill Leaf, Fennel and Rosemary, and each are a true representation of the herb they’re flavored with. Herb's is an exciting line for any herb lover and the person who is seeking a naturally flavored alternative to straight vodkas. While each of these vodkas can stand on their own and are delightful served on the rocks, the true magic is revealed when they're used as a substitute in the more common cocktails or used when cooking.


  • True herbal aromas and flavors.
  • Excellent mixers that add a twist to classic cocktails like a Vodka Martini and Bloody Mary.
  • The vodkas can also be used in cooking for some very fine dishes.


  • Fennel has a strong black licorice taste that some will love and some will hate.


  • Four flavors of naturally flavored, infused vodka: Cilantro, Dill Leaf, Fennel, Rosemary
  • Retail: around $29 per 750mL bottle
  • Released in 2006
  • Vodka produced in the U.S. using grain. Infused with essential oils made from herbs picked at their peak of freshness.
  • Visit Herb's Aromatic Vodka website for food recipes using the flavored vodkas and more original cocktails.

Guide Review - Herb's Aromatic Vodkas

Cilantro has a distinct spicy snap unlike any other plant and has long been sought after for its properties as an aphrodisiac. Herb's Cilantro Vodka is a smoothly designed vodka with that crispness one expects for the herb. The herbal qualities are refreshing and make an excellent alternative to tequila in a Margarita, as well as gin in a Gimlet. The best cocktail I've found yet for this vodka is Herb's Pomegranate Punch, where the cilantro and pomegranate make a wonderful pair.

Dill Leaf:
Anyone who knows herbs can recognize the sweet flavor of dill and if you enjoy the herb you're sure to enjoy this vodka. It pairs especially well with lightly flavored vegetarian and seafood dishes. The herb is a natural digestive aid, making it an excellent candidate for an aperitif, served on the rocks. It also compliments the complex flavors of a Bloody Mary by adding a subtle, sweet punch of extra flavor. For something a little more refreshing and light try Herb's Garden Ale.

Select palates will enjoy Herb's Fennel Vodka. I say that only because there is a heavy black licorice taste to both the herb and the vodka that tends to be a one that people either love or hate. If you're a fan of the flavor you'll enjoy it in a Midnight Martini or, to offset the strong fennel without masking it, use a citrus mixer; a perfect example is Herb's Fennel Lemon Crunch.

Herb's Rosemary Vodka is a true representation of one of my favorite herbs. If you've ever brushed up against a rosemary plant on a summer day you can appreciate the pure calming properties of the herb and the taste and aroma of this vodka has the same affect. Use rosemary vodka to replace gin in an In & Out Martini for a beautifully light cocktail or, for a sunny summer day in the garden, Herb's Mary Rose Martini or Vanilla Rose is perfect.

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