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Sake2Me Sparkling Sake Bottled Drink

Sake2Me Sparkling Sake Drink

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The Bottom Line

Updated: As of July, 2013, I can no longer find Sake2Me and it appears as if the product is no longer produced. If you know differently, please email me with an update.

Easy and tasty, Saké2Me takes the bottled adult beverage to a higher class. This is far beyond the overly sweetened hard lemonades and ciders, the carbonated malt beverages and the myriad of other "beer alternatives": this one is a naturally flavored, sparkling sake flavored with exotic ingredients like yuzu, Asian pear, ginger and mango, and green tea. One of these small glass bottles of Saké2Me is an ideal pairing with almost any cuisine, a fantastic casual sipper anywhere you go, and can be used like sodas for rather interesting twists on popular mixed drinks.


  • Refreshing sake drinks in a bottle with low alcohol content - equal to about 1 light beer.
  • Four interesting flavors - Yuzu Citrus is the best.
  • Surprisingly readily available.
  • Boutique upgrade from those syrupy malt beverages.
  • Perfect for drinking anywhere, anytime.


  • None


  • Sparkling, premium Japanese sake drink that is a blend of junmai sake and natural flavors.
  • Flavors: Ginger-Mango, Yuzu Citrus, Asian Pear, Green Tea
  • Sake imported from Japan - Infused, Sparkled, Bottled in the US
  • 4-pack of 6-ounce bottles retails for around $15
  • 7% alc/volume (14 proof)

Guide Review - Saké2Me

Saké2Me is simply amazing in all aspects: it is a convenient way to drink good without a lot of alcohol and with a ton of natural flavor. It is like the Champagne of the "malt beverage" world and if you're inclined to pick up anything similar to the Mike's Hard Lemonade line, you can transform your casual drinking experience with Sake2me.

The sake used is a "pure rice" (translation of junmai) sake imported from Japan from a brewer who has perfected their techniques over the last 200 years. Each of the four flavors are stunning in purity and intensity - the Yuzu Citrus and Asian Pear topping my list - and are simply a great chilled sipper on their own. These crisp, gently sparkling beverages are great for dinner or lunch and can span the cuisine pairings of almost anything from a simple salad to Mexican, Thai, South American, and (of course) Japanese.

Saké2Me is also useful for quick recreations of mixed drinks commonly topped with soda water. If you use the Ginger-Mango to replace the club soda of a Tom Collins, Yuzu Citrus in a Bocce Ball, top a Paloma with the Asian Pear or the Green Tea in a Gin Fizz, you will have a brand new drink that will amaze you with its flavor and simplicity. Saké2Me is fun in a bottle, surrounded by great taste.

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