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Tanqueray Rangpur Distilled Gin

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Tanqueray Rangpur Distilled Gin
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The Bottom Line

Over the last 175 years Tanqueray has produced some of the best gins available. Their classic London Dry Gin can be set as a benchmark for real gin and the super-premium No. 10 with its citrus undertones redefined the Martini. Now, Tanqueray Rangpur hits another mark and adds to the brand's flavor portfolio. Tanqueray Rangpur is one of a new generation of gins that are competing with the large flavored vodka market, but with a style of it's own that clearly sets it apart.


  • Light Rangpur lime flavor highlights the gin's juniper base.
  • Refreshing gin, great for simple mixed drinks.
  • Pairs well with cranberry juice or ginger ale.
  • A nice alternative to the drier gins.


  • Is not the best gin for the dirty or dry cocktails.


  • Distilled with Rangpur limes, juniper, bay leaf, ginger and other botanicals.
  • Produced by Tanqueray
  • Around $22 per 750 mL bottle
  • Released February, 2007
  • GlobeProbe.com features a short comedic film about the quest for the elusive Rangpur lime and cocktail nirvana.
  • 41.3% alc./volume (82.6 proof)

Guide Review - Tanqueray Rangpur Distilled Gin

The Rangpur lime is not like the lime you'll find in the produce market, it is a unique fruit that blends attributes of other citrus. This orange colored lime has the zestiness expected of a lime but is as juicy as an orange and looks similar to a mandarin orange. The Rangpur tree, which is native to India, can fruit year round for up to 40 years and is a spectacular ornamental, which has also begun to flourish in Florida and southern California.

Tanqueray Rangpur is not lime-flavored gin. Like all of Tanqueray's gins, the standard botanicals and extra flavorings are distilled into the spirit rather than infused like so many vodkas are. This distinction traps the flavors into the gin in a way that allows the tastes to punch through the alcohol in a subtle, true way that is impossible with infusions. Tanqueray Rangpur is, however, a well-balanced gin with a citrus twist that accents and enhances the required juniper. It deserves to be relished for it's own characteristics and treated as a separate entity from a standard dry gin.

Serve Tanqueray Rangpur on the rocks for an invigorating short drink or in a highball with either cranberry or ginger ale. Use it in a classic Martini for an interesting twist or for a flurry of lime, in a Gimlet. As an ideal balance of bitter, citrus, dry, and sweet, the Perfect Martini with Rangpur and a dash of Angostura bitters is, well, perfect.

Tasting Notes:
The aroma of sweet, warm citrus and a soft, rosy bouquet is an open invitation for a long, slow sip. The botanical bouquet continues as light waves greet the tongue and open to a peak of juniper accented with bold, zesty lime. The airiness gives way to a finish of warm, dark rainbow of citrus, notably lime and lemon, and a short punch of juniper to top it off.

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